Live Webcast

Live webcast of Sunday lectures is available for our Meditators. Please contact Manasa office through email ( for details.


Books can be ordered online or by DD in favour of Manasa Light Age Foundation.

Ashadha Masa

During Ashadha Masa, which begins on 22nd June, we get wonderful and great energies directly from Parabrahma Loka. We can meditate more during this entire month and absorb these energies.


On 5th June there is Lunar Eclipse from 11.15PM – 2.34AM and on 21st June there is Solar Eclipse from 9.14AM – 3.04PM. Please channel Light to the whole world during the entire eclipse period.

News & Notes

  • Due to the Corona virus pandemic, the Meditation facilities at Taponagara remain closed for visitors but Sunday classes continue through webcast.
  • Meditation classes in other centres in Bangalore remain cancelled until further notice. The students from these centres may watch the Sunday webcast or the recorded video of the Sunday class during their weekly class period.
  • Light Channelling sessions in our Regular Light Channelling centres remain cancelled. The Light Channels may pray to the Rishis and channel Light from their homes.
  • Please help us by gifting our Newsletter subscription and books to your friends.
  • All our students must have the Newsletter. The renewal of the Newsletter should be made soon after the reminder is received.
  • Renewal of subscription for External guidance and Newsletters should be made soon after the intimation is received. This avoids the discrepancy in receiving the Newsletters.