Message From the Masters

This is a recording of the speech given by Guruji Krishnananda during the Light Channels Meet on May 7th 2012. It contains the message given by the Light Masters, and is meant for all citizens of this world.

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Revolution by Light

Guruji Krishnananda delivering message from Masters at the event held at Chowdiah memorial hall

Many unseen Masters in the Astral Worlds are monitoring the Life on this earth. Many lived here in earlier times. They carry great Love for all of us. They are aware that we will be going through great changes beginning from the end of this year, 2012. We will be entering a new Time-Frame. They want to help us to understand the processes and sail through this phase of great changes.

These Masters are passing on a lot of knowledge and energies through various channels. I am one of them. I am a channel for The Sapta Rishis, the seven sages, also known as The Hierarchy. My Guru, Maharshi Amara (1919-1982) works with them very closely.

I carry the following simple message from them meant for all the citizens of this earth. One is free to take this seriously or laugh it off. Everyone has Free Will. My job is that of a messenger.

*      *      *

We are aware of certain major events like our complete entry into the Photon Belt, Galactic Alignment, Pole Shifts, the earth standing still for three days etc., occurring at the end of this year. It is feared that these may cause disruption of communications and other systems, and a lot of destruction. The Rishis (Light Masters) ask us not to feel scared. Such events have occurred earlier and we have sailed through. We can easily prepare ourselves for this, and they help us. We are not alone.

Some are preparing to save themselves at this physical level by building underground facilities. But this will not help. We have to prepare ourselves at a different level, the Spiritual level.

Let us quickly and thoroughly understand that Spirituality is being good, being honest and living in harmony with others and nature. Let us also understand clearly that because we are entering the New Age or Light Age, the purity levels of our thinking and living have to be very high. Our old ways have to change. All the corrupt systems that we see around have to change. If they do not change, they collapse. It is this collapse that causes chaos and upheavals. Nature also initiates cleansing processes and causes destruction.

Smooth transition into the Light Age is possible without any chaos and destruction if we transform spiritually, cleanse the systems of corruption and live a value system. It is difficult to believe this simple reality. But the Rishis who have witnessed Transition in earlier cycles say that this is as simple as said. They are aware of Higher Intelligences, Higher systems and Higher Life. When the present corrupt systems collapse, they are capable of replacing them with higher systems immediately so that we survive and live in a world of unbelievable possibilities. They can activate our faculties to communicate telepathically when the communication systems collapse. They may help us to live on Prana, the vital energy from Sun, when food may not be available. There are endless ways of higher living in the Light Age.

At this point of time, we have to understand the urgency and necessity of Spiritual Transformation and begin the preparation. Because we are already in advanced Transition period, we need not practise the old ways of Meditation to help Transformation. We can practise the most advanced technique of experiencing the Light.

The Light that I am speaking of is not the physical light. It is the Divine Light of the subtlest frequency from which all this creation has emerged. This Light has creative intelligence, purifies, heals and helps us in every way. This Light is God Himself. This Light is everywhere. Anyone can access this. The Rishis, The Masters in the Astral planes, have known this from times immemorial and have taught earlier civilisations how to seek benefits from the Light.

The Rishis say clearly: Experience this Light in every cell of your system of body, mind and intellect. It purifies, opens up our hidden faculties, helps establish contact with the outer Intelligences and Masters and, most importantly, at this point of time, helps us to sail through the great changes of 2012.

This Light can be channelled and spread around. Its vibrations impact the individuals and the systems. Corruption vanishes. Violence recedes. Love and Oneness prevail. The New Age of Peace and Perfection gets established. This has happened earlier and will happen even now.

This is no ordinary Revolution. It is the greatest silent Revolution ever built by ordinary people like us. Here, there are no leaders, no preachings and no politics. And there are no debates, candle light vigils or protests. Anyone and everyone can join this from the corner of one's room and make a difference.

I personally invite you to participate in this revolution.

*      *      *

The technique is very simple. (Watch video below) Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Imagine the Light enters you and spreads around. First, fill up your system of body, mind and intellect and experience the Light. Then, fill up your room, house and locality. You can also intend that the Light brings Purity, Peace and Perfection. Then, spread the Light to the whole world. Send the Light more to the places where there is turmoil.

Download Animation

There may not be any immediate dramatic changes. But you will experience changes in your life and surroundings. There will be changes all over gradually.

We began The Light Channels World Movement in 2008 and introduced the Light channelling in schools. Millions of children have channelled Light and have experienced miraculous benefits. The parents and the School Authorities are wonderstruck witnessing the changes in the children, their studies and behaviour.

Let this Movement of channelling Light spread to others and to the whole world. Let the Revolution by Light usher in the New Light Age.

*      *      *

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Hi Guruji,
I am little aware of this 21st December 2012. Though I believe it completely. I have started to prepare for December. Is the time of 3 months ok to prepare? AM I too late?

Posted by Abhay Pujari on 05-09-2012

Dear Guruji,
Pranam, can you please shed light on how will be the life after planet earth after 21-12-2012, what kind of work human would be doing? How his basic needs hunger, shelter, and cloths will be met.

Posted by Avinash Chandra on 30-08-2012

I want to know the initiality of the light and want more information about light. Can you please help me.

Posted by Sirisha on 30-08-2012

Respected sir,
My name is Sirisha. I have read your books and I made many trials in my life by taking light within and in one of my times during meditation, I got connected with you and you asked me to take a light of pink color into my body and you said you have sent a light person named :"LEON". The soul intorduced itself to me as "LEON" and said it is the leader to a group of Nakshtras. Sir, I would like to know is this the real happening or my feeling. Waiting for your response Sir.

Posted by Sirisha on 30-08-2012

Thanks for the reply. Just one more clarification, once an individual has cleared all his karmas. He need not come in any further ages to come, correct?

Posted by Kamlendra Sharma on 30-08-2012

In hinduism there is a belief that the most recent three generations of ancestors reside in the pithru loka. Can we help them by channeling Light? Is there a procedure for this? Also....can the saptarishis guide them in this never ending journey of life?

Posted by S Mani on 23-08-2012

Guruji Pranam,
What I understood you said in your speech is that its not the first time creation is entering in Light Age, it has happened many time. I want to understand if it happens time to time, when will be the final stop to it. Also do all individual participate in all ages or we are free once we move to light age (do we again need to come to dark age).

Posted by Kamlendra Sharma on 23-08-2012

Dear Guruji,
Pranam, I have been following your work, read you books and keep reading your newsletter every month. It is very good to know about the efforts you are putting along with your Foundation volunteers for steering the world to a better future. Personally I am a member of Shri Ramchandra mission , with similar goals and practice of meditation. Sincerely hope in future all beings unite towards common good of our mother earth.
With regards

Posted by Ritesh on 19-08-2012

Is it possible to get initiated without comming to Taponagara? You have asked humanbeings to change, and be saved. What about the poor animals and birds?
With lots of Love and Respectfull Pranams,
Sudhir K

Posted by K Sudhir on 14-08-2012

It is possible. We initiate our students outside Bangalore like this. The animals,birds and every living being will be taken care of by the Rishis.

Guruji Krishnananda

I am very grateful for your devotion to humanity as a whole and for being a wonderful loving sole for this service of peace and harmony, through the blessings of our maharishes. May all progress with love and bliss under their guidance. Sum Nama shiva.

Posted by Paramjyothi Ratnam on 09-08-2012

Revered GURUJI,Hari Om! My Pranams to Thy Lotus feet!

Posted by RENUKA on 09-08-2012

channel Light. It helps.

Guruji Krishnananda

Dear Guruji,
There are at present many genuine Spiritual Gurus (part of Higher Intelligence) on earth. There are also many fake ones. A main problem for spiritual aspirants is distinguishng between these two. Can Guruji list some of whom you think are real Masters and work with Rishis? Please feel free to ignore this question, if it should remain ambiguous.
Yours in Light
Bipin dev

Posted by Bipin on 06-08-2012

It would not be proper to prepare a list of genuine/fake gurus. The Spiritual aspirant can easily make out if one is a genuine or fake guru by using his own intuition and common sense.

Guruji Krishnananda

I am totally fascinated by what I have been reading about the channels of light. I live in Mumbai. Is there any group / initiation here?

Posted by Saroj joshi on 03-08-2012

There is no centre in Mumbai. Please visit our websites and for more information.

Guruji Krishnananda

I will follow. My Guru leads me to that ocean. With great love.

Posted by Keith Buck on 31-07-2012

Thank U for your blessings

Posted by Pawan on 30-07-2012

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