Message From the Masters

This is a recording of the speech given by Guruji Krishnananda during the Light Channels Meet on May 7th 2012. It contains the message given by the Light Masters, and is meant for all citizens of this world.

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Revolution by Light

Guruji Krishnananda delivering message from Masters at the event held at Chowdiah memorial hall

Many unseen Masters in the Astral Worlds are monitoring the Life on this earth. Many lived here in earlier times. They carry great Love for all of us. They are aware that we will be going through great changes beginning from the end of this year, 2012. We will be entering a new Time-Frame. They want to help us to understand the processes and sail through this phase of great changes.

These Masters are passing on a lot of knowledge and energies through various channels. I am one of them. I am a channel for The Sapta Rishis, the seven sages, also known as The Hierarchy. My Guru, Maharshi Amara (1919-1982) works with them very closely.

I carry the following simple message from them meant for all the citizens of this earth. One is free to take this seriously or laugh it off. Everyone has Free Will. My job is that of a messenger.

*      *      *

We are aware of certain major events like our complete entry into the Photon Belt, Galactic Alignment, Pole Shifts, the earth standing still for three days etc., occurring at the end of this year. It is feared that these may cause disruption of communications and other systems, and a lot of destruction. The Rishis (Light Masters) ask us not to feel scared. Such events have occurred earlier and we have sailed through. We can easily prepare ourselves for this, and they help us. We are not alone.

Some are preparing to save themselves at this physical level by building underground facilities. But this will not help. We have to prepare ourselves at a different level, the Spiritual level.

Let us quickly and thoroughly understand that Spirituality is being good, being honest and living in harmony with others and nature. Let us also understand clearly that because we are entering the New Age or Light Age, the purity levels of our thinking and living have to be very high. Our old ways have to change. All the corrupt systems that we see around have to change. If they do not change, they collapse. It is this collapse that causes chaos and upheavals. Nature also initiates cleansing processes and causes destruction.

Smooth transition into the Light Age is possible without any chaos and destruction if we transform spiritually, cleanse the systems of corruption and live a value system. It is difficult to believe this simple reality. But the Rishis who have witnessed Transition in earlier cycles say that this is as simple as said. They are aware of Higher Intelligences, Higher systems and Higher Life. When the present corrupt systems collapse, they are capable of replacing them with higher systems immediately so that we survive and live in a world of unbelievable possibilities. They can activate our faculties to communicate telepathically when the communication systems collapse. They may help us to live on Prana, the vital energy from Sun, when food may not be available. There are endless ways of higher living in the Light Age.

At this point of time, we have to understand the urgency and necessity of Spiritual Transformation and begin the preparation. Because we are already in advanced Transition period, we need not practise the old ways of Meditation to help Transformation. We can practise the most advanced technique of experiencing the Light.

The Light that I am speaking of is not the physical light. It is the Divine Light of the subtlest frequency from which all this creation has emerged. This Light has creative intelligence, purifies, heals and helps us in every way. This Light is God Himself. This Light is everywhere. Anyone can access this. The Rishis, The Masters in the Astral planes, have known this from times immemorial and have taught earlier civilisations how to seek benefits from the Light.

The Rishis say clearly: Experience this Light in every cell of your system of body, mind and intellect. It purifies, opens up our hidden faculties, helps establish contact with the outer Intelligences and Masters and, most importantly, at this point of time, helps us to sail through the great changes of 2012.

This Light can be channelled and spread around. Its vibrations impact the individuals and the systems. Corruption vanishes. Violence recedes. Love and Oneness prevail. The New Age of Peace and Perfection gets established. This has happened earlier and will happen even now.

This is no ordinary Revolution. It is the greatest silent Revolution ever built by ordinary people like us. Here, there are no leaders, no preachings and no politics. And there are no debates, candle light vigils or protests. Anyone and everyone can join this from the corner of one's room and make a difference.

I personally invite you to participate in this revolution.

*      *      *

The technique is very simple. (Watch video below) Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Imagine the Light enters you and spreads around. First, fill up your system of body, mind and intellect and experience the Light. Then, fill up your room, house and locality. You can also intend that the Light brings Purity, Peace and Perfection. Then, spread the Light to the whole world. Send the Light more to the places where there is turmoil.

Download Animation

There may not be any immediate dramatic changes. But you will experience changes in your life and surroundings. There will be changes all over gradually.

We began The Light Channels World Movement in 2008 and introduced the Light channelling in schools. Millions of children have channelled Light and have experienced miraculous benefits. The parents and the School Authorities are wonderstruck witnessing the changes in the children, their studies and behaviour.

Let this Movement of channelling Light spread to others and to the whole world. Let the Revolution by Light usher in the New Light Age.

*      *      *

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Respected Guide, Is there a book of providing the details of what happened in earlier light ages/transition ages as well as in earlier manvantaras and pevious brahmas. It would be good if this knowledge is available which will helps us in all the good things.

Posted by Sanjay on 07-02-2019

A lot of knowledge was lost during the dark ages. Details of only some events are available in the Puranas. We are not aware of any book that captures all details.

Senior Guide   

Hello Sir.. i am interested in kundalini sadhana. does guruji krishnanand will give initiation to me..?? also would like to meditate in your kundalini it possible??

Posted by Mayuri on 19-10-2017

We teach Meditations. You will find all the details on our website Guruji Krishnananda told us that regular Meditations and conscious positivisation help us to purify our system and then the Kundalini rises in the Sushumna Nadi naturally on its own. We do not practise anything specifically just to awaken the Kundalini. It happens naturally as we grow Spiritually.

You are most welcome to visit us and meditate in the Kundalini Tower. We are open on all the days from 10am to 5pm.

Senior Guide   

I started my spiritual journey in 2008. Started from asans, pranayam and have reached to the vibration energy and consiousness. Now with gurujis grace i am starting my journey on the path of light.I have learned so far vibration is made of energy and energy is made up of light. Question comes in the mind what could be beyond light? Is light is ultimate truth??And meditation taught by light masters are ever latest technics and will it be also updated by guruji during passge of time??

Posted by Nikhil Samudra on 16-07-2017

God is the ultimate Truth. He is manifest and also unmanifest. He is everything. Light emerged from the unknown and unknowable realm, the unmanifested realm.

We do not know and cannot know anything about the unknowable or unmanifest part of God.

The techniques for Meditation that Guruji gave us, may not change until we enter into the New Age. When the New Age establishes completely, there will be no need for Meditations. We will naturally live a very Spiritual life.

Senior Guide   

AS guruji said transformation to the new light age will be completed in 2018. Then what will happen to people who are yet to come on spiritual path. do they have opportunity to enter in light age after 2018.

Posted by NIKHIL SAMUDRA on 16-07-2017

The opportunity is for everybody whether they are in a Spiritual Path or not. If people are just good, honest and peaceful, they become eligible for the New Age. We do not know what exactly happens in the coming times. We as the humanity have to move to the New Age. Nobody will be left behind.

Senior Guide   


Posted by SRINIVAS.S.R. on 26-06-2017

We can begin with Meditations and positivisation. When we reach the state of Mukti, we will know that we have attained Mukti. We need not leave the material world. We can live a normal life here and after we leave the body, we will be taken back to our Source.

Senior Guide   

Good Afternoon, I would like to know how am I to change from fallen state to the light. What am I to do. Thanks Juliene

Posted by Juliene Batayo on 09-02-2017

Begin with channelling of Light. Then Light will show the way.

Senior Guide   

Dear Senior Guide,I had an experience of Channeling twice but now it is not happenning. Please guide me the best way to handle this and what more can I do to be the channel of Light.I do meditation also.

Posted by Ila Budhbhatti on 11-01-2017

While channelling the Light, what matters is the intention. When we sit for channeling with a pure intention to channel Light, the Light flows through us whether we feel it or not.

Senior Guide   

Dear Senior Guide, please may you answer my questions:A)Do the spiritual processes that happen in meditation continue to happen after mediation is over?B)Even if it is your first lifetime meditating, can you become a lightworker within a few lifetimes?C)Is it OK to meditate for multiple hours in your first few meditaions D)If you meditate for longer periods of time, does the feeling you get directly after meditation stay for longer?

Posted by Siddharth Bhatia on 02-08-2016

A) Yes, the processes that are initiated during Meditation, continue even after Meditation is over. These processes continue for a long time and get further strengthened when we meditate again. B) Yes it is possible. One may take very little time to prepare and be ready to become a Light worker and some others may take many life times. It depends on the efforts made by the individuals. C) It is better we increase the time gradually. Always consult your guide before you do such a thing. D) It depends on the quality of your Meditation and not on how much time you spend meditating.

Senior Guide   

1.Does opening inner eye leads to siddhis and distract to self realization? 2. Does trimurty gods prevent aspirants spirit growth even now? 3. Can Mula Brahman be contacted by mantra? Help me.

Posted by sk on 15-07-2016

1. Opening of inner eye will not lead to siddhis. In fact it will help us see the Truth as it is. But if we choose to go after siddhis or powers then we will move away from the Path of Spirituality.
2. No God will ever prevent our Spiritual Growth. They in fact always help in our Spiritual journey.
3. It is the Love that helps us contact God.

Senior Guide   

I am a follower of Amara guruji, I want to learn Meditation, kindly help, is there any books or DVD where I can learn?

Posted by Aroor Shivaprasad on 06-02-2016

You can visit our website to know more about the Meditation classes. If you wish to meditate on your own, you may download the books "Living in Light" and "Light" from our website. These are freely downloadable. There are techniques given for Meditation, which you may practise.

Senior Guide   

Dear Sir,I had met Guruji Krishananda, in 2005 when I had visited Chikkagubbi after reading his book Doorways to light,the Marathi translation. I was doing regular meditation as advised by him that time. However in last two years I am finding it difficult to concentrate due to may wordly issues. I wish to start once again. Can anyone guide me?

Posted by Satish Joshi on 12-01-2016

You can start again. You may please write a mail to us separately, mentioning your stage of sadhana when you stopped meditating. Further guidance will be provided after we receive the details.

Senior Guide   

Respected Lightage masters, Previously I was your external student reached till 2nd stage of meditation.Is there any chance of applying me in Shambala or Maharshi Vishwamitras course. please guide.Thank you.

Posted by Yogesh Mulgaonkar on 05-12-2015

The Shambala group classes are meant only for our students meditating regularly. If you re-register and begin Meditations again, then you can join the Shambala Group.

Senior Guide   

I am unable sit long time in Meditation I am getting body pains and I am unable to control my thoughts.Please suggest me how to meditate for long time.

Posted by Padma on 16-10-2015

With practice you will be able to sit for longer time and also shift your awareness beyond thoughts. Please read our books to understand more about Meditations and sadhana.

Senior Guide   

I Live in Delhi. Is there any branch of yours here in Delhi where I can attend the meditation course?

Posted by Piyush on 05-10-2015

There are no branches in any other city other than Bangalore. But you can take up External Guidance. You may please visit our website or write to us (email) for more details. You can even call us between 10am to 5pm.

Senior Guide   

Can we channel Light in sleeping postition lying on our back...using the same technique of chanelling Light in sitting in a meditative post...I want to channel Light before I go to sleep in the night and before I get up early in the a sleeping postion..Is it ok?

Posted by Ramesh on 05-10-2015

If you can not sit for some reason and channel, then it is fine. Otherwise I would suggest that you channel sitting in a meditative posture for 7 minutes before you sleep and then continue channelling in sleeping position. That would be appropriate.

Senior Guide   

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