The Place

The Place

Manasa Foundaton is established in a newly budding township called Taponagara, by the side of a tiny village called Chikkagubbi which lies one kilometre off Hennur-Bagalur Road, which leads to new Bengaluru International Airport. Taponagara is about 20 KMs away from Bangalore city, India.

In 1935, Maharshi Amara meditated for 24 days and nights on a nearby hillock when he saw a huge light falling from the sky near Taponagara. Then, it was revealed to him that a special Spiritual Centre would be established by the Light Masters here.

Guruji Krishnananda founded Taponagara in 1993 with a lonely hut.

In 1994, a huge field of energy was built by the Light Masters which was about one and a half kilometres in radius. The field has now grown to a hemisphere of about four kilometres in diameter

Taponagara is the Head Quarters of Manasa Foundation. The Study Center is established in another village called Nadagowdagollahalli, one kilometer away. This area is known as Antar-Manasa.

Taponagara has these important structures and places for Meditation:

Structures for Meditation in


Kundalini Tower where special Kundalini energy brought down from the Higher Plane of Adi Shakti is placed under the ground

Cosmic Tower which has two pyramids, one inverted pyramid sitting on the other containing the energies and entry points into the Higher Planes.

Sapta Rishis Cave which has seven statues of the Sapta Rishis containing their energies.

A Meditation hall where Maharshi Amara’s Holy ashes are placed.

Taponagara also has a special park called Tapovana which is developed for Meditations

A pyramid in Tapovana where Holy Ashes of Guruji Krishnananda are placed.

Structures in


Antar-Manasa, which is about a kilometre away from Taponagara, has these structures and places for Meditation:

Antar-Manasa, which is about a kilometre away from Taponagara

The Great Ra Meditation Hall built by Guruji Krishnananda in 2009. Here energies from Great Ra, the source of energies of the Egyptian Ra, are stored.

The hut where Manasa Foundation was founded by Guruji Krishnananda in 1988.

A pyramid in Antar-Manasa where Holy Ashes of Guruji Krishnananda are placed.

Vishwamitra Maharshi’s statue under the tree.

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