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Books can be ordered directly from Manasa office by sending a DD in favour of "Manasa Light Age Foundation (R)". Books will be sent by post.

Postal Address:
Manasa Light Age Foundation (R)
Off Hennur Bagalur Road
Bangalore Urban - 560 077

Phone Nos:
+91 80 2846 5280
+91 99000 75280
(10AM to 4PM)

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iGuruji Informal Talks with Guruji Vol 5 (eBook)

iGuruji Informal Talks with Guruji Vol 5
We are bringing out the fifth volume of informal talks people had with Guruji Krishnananda. This indicates the volume of the knowledge and new insights gifted by the Masters above. As there is more awakening because of the New Energies, mainly from the Great Ra and the Photon Belt, there is more thirst for understanding our world and our life. More understanding helps better and fuller living. We have come down to experience this great Life here. Let us experience more and live fully.

Author: Seema Almel
Price: Rs.50/-
Year : Aug 2011
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Note:eBooks will be sent by email, generally in one or two days unless we have some issues at our end. Pls contact our office if you don't receive them even after two days.