We are called "Manasa Light Age Foundation (R)".

Manasa Light Age Foundation is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious charitable Trust.


Main Activities

Teaching and training in Meditation as taught by the Rishis or the Light Masters.

Studying the Spiritual Realities mainly using the intuitive faculties as done by the Rishis in earlier times.

Spreading the Light Channels World Movement, helping everyone entering the Light Age.

Publishing Books and the Newsletter to disseminate the Spiritual Knowledge channelled by the Light Masters

It is a unique way of Meditations and positivising emotions and thoughts taught by the Rishis for proper living of both the Spiritual and Material Lives.

We are particles of one Great Light (God).

Love is our nature.

Silence is our language.

Meditation is our way.

This world is our sanctuary.

The entire Creation is our family

God is our Guru; Rishis are our Guides.