Message From the Masters

Message From The Masters

My fellow human beings, this is a very important day in my life. I am an ordinary man but today I carry a very important message from the Rishis. This message is meant for everyone on this earth.

It is a message of Hope. It is a message of Assurance.

The message begins like this.

Most of the events expected to occur at the end of 2012 will occur. But let no one panic. The world will not end. The destruction feared to be associated with these events can be prevented. This is the most important part of the message.

This destruction is related to the Spiritual Transformation of people. What is Spirituality ? Spirituality is just being good, honest and peaceful. We do not have to go to temples. We do not have to go on pilgrimages. This is the essence of Spirituality. This definition comes from the Masters who bring all knowledge from higher realms.

One may ask, why is destruction related to the Spiritualisation. The most important fact is that we are entering into a new time frame, a New Age. In the New Age, this goodness, honesty and peace are the minimum conditions to live and exist. People who do not choose to be peaceful and loving cannot survive.

The New Age is not far away. It begins from end of 2012. By the end of 2012 all the people will not become saints. The Rishis say, "You don't have to completely transform. But you have to choose. Choose to be good, that is enough." Choosing qualifies us to enter into the New Age. Once many people choose, the Rishis who control the destruction will have enough reason and justification to totally avoid or minimise the destruction part.

The Revolution by Light is for Transformation. It is for preparation. It is to help us choose. It is a silent effort to bring about great changes all over the earth, taking the help of Light.

This message is for the entire humanity. All imperfect systems will collapse. They may collapse suddenly or gradually. Personally I feel the collapse will be sudden. When the systems collapse, naturally there will be chaos and confusion. But the Rishis say - do not worry. They have plans. They will help. They have seen these events many times. It is not the first time we are entering the Photon Belt.

When imperfect systems collapse, new systems come into existence. This may happen immediately or gradually. The decision in this regard is not taken, yet.

Every individual on this earth will be contacted directly. I feel so happy to repeat this. Rishis are such kind and loving people. Even those who do not change, will be taken care of with Great Love. It is not that they will be abandoned and punished. In the kingdom of God there is no punishment. Everyone is given another opportunity. A million times we fail, one more opportunity is given. The kingdom of God is full of Love.

All hidden faculties, the 3rd eye, our capacity to communicate telepathically, living on Prana etc. will open up. When the systems collapse, we may not have food. Then we may be given the gift of living on Prana. Suddenly all people will be contacted and helped.

Yesterday, during Buddha Purnima, a special energy was released. When we channel Light, even this energy will be channelled. After channelling today, please do not stop channelling. Channel everyday for a minimum period of 7 minutes.

I do not know whether I have carried the message properly or not. But the Light in you, I am sure, It has captured the message in its purity and entirety from the Light Masters. I feel this is the most fortunate moment in my life to be the messenger of the Great Rishis.

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