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Celestial phenomena have always mesmerized the human mind. Unlike other events like visiting comets etc., eclipses are frequent and this has given rise to many socio-religious beliefs. Recorded human history bears testimony for this. Right now, we are in the middle of two eclipses. Same time last year, something similar had happened and we had asked Guruji some questions regarding eclipses.

On the eve of the first eclipse last year (2007), Guruji had mentioned, “I can see lacs of people waiting for these energies in meditative postures. At the physical level they may not be aware at all, but Astrally they are ready. Awake, asleep or in different time zones, they all receive energies Astrally. People have opened up wonderfully and there are more who are aware this time. This shows the impact of the energies Rishis transmit to mankind.”

We were aware that eclipses bring about lot of changes at the individual as well as at the global level. So we asked what exactly could be expected from these eclipses.

He said, “Eclipses bring about changes for the better. Whoever is ready will change. This is the time to take a great leap consciously; to Spiritually move ahead. It is the individual who has to consciously open up and accept. To surrender is to decide from the core to truly and seriously change. Put in efforts, then the Universe helps.  If you are good, these energies give you a forward push.”

To understand the exact mechanics of how eclipses have a Spiritual impact, we asked, “At the physical level, eclipses happen due to the alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth. During this process, how are new energies generated?

Guruji said, “This alignment results in a shadow and certain radiations are prevented. In the absence of the regular energies, certain new energies are released.

“These are very rare filtered energies. Rishis bring these energies and prepare new energies by combining them with the other existing energies. It is difficult to store these eclipse energies as they are in a pristine state, hence they are added with other energies and stored.”

While we were still in awe of this new knowledge and were struggling to absorb it, Guruji continued, “The way they are combined is a secret. Only the Rishi in charge will know this. The other Rishis will just assist him. We have a lot of energies here, under this very structure (Meditation Hall) and the Cosmic Tower. All these energies will be made available to us. These are stored here in a dormant state and only a little is allowed to vibrate. This in itself is enough for us. We will be given the knowledge of how to use these energies and also will be able to access them. Someday we ourselves will begin to experiment with these energies.”

Maybe he saw the shock on our faces after listening to this, so he smiled as he said, “We can grow to that level.”

We further discussed the subject. The answers we got brought forth a lot of new knowledge. The question-answer format has been retained so that it is easy to grasp.

Q. What about those people who are not aware of eclipse energies, Kundalini, etc?

A. Most people are not aware of Spiritual sciences; it is only now that people are trying to find out about Pranayama, Yoga, etc. And they do this only to improve their health. Nothing wrong with it though. In course of time they will evolve to higher goals and search for higher things. Eclipse will have an impact on them, given the transition phase, as planned by the Rishis.

Q. What impact does the solar and lunar eclipse have on the Surya, Chandra and Sushumna nadis? Does the cycle* of 24 minutes each get disturbed?

A. No, the cycle is not disturbed. The eclipses strengthen the Surya and Chandra nadis. However, it is just a small part of the entire process. Eclipses bring certain types of energies which are used by the Rishis. Solar and lunar eclipse energies are different. ‘Eclipses release energies’ - even this statement needs to be revisited!
     * Ida and Pingala Nadis are also called Chandra and Surya Nadis respectively. These carry Prana mainly. From sunrise, the three Nadis - Chandra, Surya and Sushumna Nadis will be active one after the other for 24 minutes each. This cycle repeats.

Q. Partial eclipses occur only in some parts of the world, so is it that only these areas get the energy?

A. No, the whole earth gets energies whether the eclipse is partial or total. Everybody benefits.

Q. In our galaxy, there are many solar systems and hence eclipses happen everywhere. So can the Rishis take eclipse energies from another system and employ elsewhere if need be?

A. It is not required and the Spiritual Principles are such that they won’t do it. Energies from a solar system belong to that system only; we don’t mix up these things.

Q. Have the Rishis ever induced an eclipse?

A. Usually they don’t. They wait for such occasions and alignments. Sometimes they induce such events under extraordinary situations by requesting the planets!

Q. The eclipse would have happened at the astral level first. So, are energies stored there as well?

A. Yes. Energies will be stored at that level as well. We have an energy which is an Astral counterpart of this physical energy. Whatever is going to happen has already happened 72 hours earlier. Here we have to understand a lot.

Q. Eclipse energies are physical level energies. So with the ozone depletion, will the impact of eclipse energy be different from what it used to be earlier?

A. Yes, there is an impact. But they monitor and allow only the required effect. Before the ozone depletion, there was a different impact from a similar eclipse.

Q. What is the impact of eclipse energies on inorganic elements like metals, chemicals, etc?

A. They absorb these. Inert elements naturally hold beautiful vibrations, a lot of love and intelligence. They even have emotions. A cave or car can emote.

Q. The things an individual wears on his person, for e.g. a wrist watch, carries that person’s vibrations. That is how psychics can hold an object in their hand and tell about the owner’s life. So a negative person’s watch will also have his vibrations. When this watch absorbs the eclipse energies; will it become less negative?

A. The watch rejects negativity; it has its independence!!! A knife will not be violent, a sword is not cruel. A person’s vibrations are only superimposed on his or her objects. There is an innate purity in things and they like to remain pure. These deposited vibrations fade away over a period of time.
     When psychics touch a watch and tell about the person, it is based on these superimposed vibrations. The watch does not absorb, vibrations are just deposited. Maybe eclipse energies cleanse this.

Guruji had mentioned on the first eclipse of 2008 that the first set of two eclipses this year is very important for Pralaya processes. Let us consciously receive these energies and purify ourselves so that we can move towards the New Age.



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