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  (Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

We have to live, we have to celebrate this life. There is so much of beauty around us; there is so much of glory around us. All this is gifted to us by God. We have to appreciate this. We have to appreciate and experience the Love in a sunset, in a sunrise. We have to go beyond the boundaries of this ordinary life, the ordinary routine. I wonder sometimes, "How many times do we look at the sky?" I think this is a very important part. I say that this is Spiritual. We have to keep a smile always. Only a strong person can smile, not a weak person. A weak person will keep crying, will go on grumbling. Only a Spiritual person can be strong. A Meditator will always be strong. If we feel weak, it means that we haven't meditated enough. A Meditator will never fail! He will always smile! He will always be strong!


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