A Guru is a true Spiritual Guide who represents the Spiritual Essence behind this Creation. He carries Light, Knowledge and Energies.

He answers our questions, clears our doubts and takes care of our Spiritual needs.

He is the one whom we trust instinctively at the first sight and never regret later.

When we are ready to take up Spiritual practices, we meet our Guru, somehow.

Guru gives us everything with Love without any conditions and demands.

On Finding a Guru

This is a video clip taken from the training sessions conducted by Guruji Krishnananda, where he speaks about finding and recognizing a Guru.

General Technique

This is not a religious practice. This is purely Spiritual. Anyone can practise this.

  • Sit erect facing North.
  • Look straight and close your eyes. Relax.
  • Imagine you are filled with Light.
  • Don't try to see the Light. You cannot see it. But experience the Light. You can do it.
  • Practise this for a minimum of 7 minutes to one hour.
  • After the practice, lie down for a few minutes and relax.

After practising for three months, if you wish to strengthen your Meditations and do it more systematically, take up Meditation classes and get initiated for activating the inner Spiritual processes.
(Please watch the video clip on 'Initiation' for details).

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Meditation & Benefits

Meditation is establishing Stillness in us at all levels of body, mind and intellect.

In Stillness our Awareness rises, expands and we experience Peace and gain Wisdom.

Meditation releases us from all the bondages and limitations.

Thousands of years ago the Rishis, the Light Masters, gave us Meditation for solving all the problems of the body, mind and intellect, and also of the soul.

The soul is bound here and with Meditation, it will find its freedom, the Mukti.

With the passage of Time, the Rishis evolved new techniques. This process continues even now and we have the latest techniques.

Meditation is the greatest gift to humanity. It links us to the Creator.


  • Basic Stage - 1 month
       The Basic Course runs for four weeks. Here, apart from learning how to meditate and       familiarizing with the practice, the essential Spiritual knowledge is briefly imparted.

  • Chakra Stage - 3 months
       In this Course, Chakras, the energy centres in the body, are activated and several other    Spiritual processes are activated.

  • Experiencing the Light - There are 7 Levels in this stage; the period in each stage depends on the efforts made by the individual.
       In this stage, our inner faculties open up, purification of the highest order occurs. As we advance in this stage higher Realities like Love, Peace, Truth, Vastness are directly experienced.

  • Enlightenment.
        As we progress with greater efforts and pursue Sadhana intensely, we are guided directly by the Astral Masters or the Rishis.
    • In this stage, our Awareness goes beyond the limits of the body, mind and intellect. We experience that we are Light.
    • As we advance, our Light is merged with the great Light, the Source of all Creation and becomes One with the Light.
    • This is the ultimate in Spiritual heights. This is Yoga, the Spiritual Union.


There are many benefits. Only some are mentioned here and the rest are experienced by the Meditator as he advances.

Peace is experienced at all levels.

We deal with any situation with calm and maturity which avoids all conflicts and unhappiness.

Inner strength and wisdom of a very high order comes to us naturally.

Increase in memory and concentration.

Sharpening of our Intuition increase the quality of our living.

The Karmas are cleared and our problems gradually vanish.

Apart from the benefits for living this life, we attain the final Liberation, the Mukti.

Video Clips from Guruji's Talks

On Experiencing Samadhi
On Initiation

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