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This Light is not the physical light. It exists at a subtler level. It is everywhere.

This Light has intelligence. It has all the positive energies. It carries Love, Peace, Wisdom, Healing energies and all Life forces.

This Light is the Source of all Creation. This Light is God.

Light Channelling

Light Channels are those human beings who voluntarily channel and spread the Light, bringing the Light from its subtler level to the human level.

Light Channelling is bringing down the Light in the subtler level to the human level by intending strongly and then spreading it around the entire world.

Light Channelling is spreading Love, Peace and Harmony carried by the Light.

Light Channelling is spreading the Healing Energies carried by the Light.

Light Channelling Technique

Imagine an ocean of Light above you.

Imagine the Light descending and filling up your body.

Then, experience the Love and Peace of the Light for a minute.

Then, imagine the Light spreading around gradually to your home, locality, country and the whole world.

Channel Light everyday for 7 minutes in the morning and in the night.

Heal Yourself & Heal the World.