Spiritual Knowledge

Knowledge Series - by

Guruji Krishnananda




A Mantra can activate a Chakra. The energy stored in the Chakra is released. It can also gather and store energies in the Chakras. The Mind or Manomaya Kosha is a wonderful gift given to us. It is like a store-house.

Each Chakra represents a particular plane of existence. It absorbs the knowledge and energies of its plane and stores them in itself; we can receive these energies by using the key Mantra of the Chakra. Chakras can be activated. Then, they start working, vibrating and releasing energies.

Chakras release both subtler and grosser energies. When we meditate on a Chakra, we receive energies that purify our system. To receive the maximum energy from a Chakra, we should use the right combination of a Mantra and Dharana. The right combination brings the subtler energies which purify us.

As we advance in time, the Chakras get activated automatically. After fifty years, people need not meditate because people automatically grow spiritually as they advance in time into Satya Yuga.




The Gayatri Mantra known to human beings is original and it is complete but the special techniques and that branch of the special knowledge are lost. A lot of Spiritual knowledge is lost. But it can be regained, when we start growing in our Sadhana. This knowledge will come to us when we are ready.

Again, there are still higher levels. There is a level of direct perception. At that level, nothing is transmitted, nothing is received, but everything is known directly. It is in these levels that we receive the highest knowledge. At such a level, Rishis perceived the Vedas, Gayatri Mantra, etc directly. That is why they are known as Drashthas - people who could directly perceive knowledge. We should try to interact with the Rishis and God at all these levels.

When we repeat the Gayatri Mantra as part of the preparation for Astral travel, all the Chakras are virtually cleansed and this helps the separation of the Astral body. The meaning of Gayatri Mantra is - Let this system become Light and help me travel in the seven higher Lokas.


Sanjeevani mantra qualifies one to make an application for life extension. It prepares a person but before that, it is only a wish. The Higher intelligence has to recognize, agree and approve. Chanting Mahamrutyunjay Mantra thousands of times will not help us get over death however it could help improve health.




Affirmations are our intents. Affirmations are truths that we would like to actualize. The finest example of an affirmation is "Aham Brahmasmi" which means "I am God". That is the truth we have to actualize.

How do we actualize an affirmation? It is not just by repeating like a Mantra. A Mantra can be repeated without even knowing its meaning. We go on repeating affirmations to ourselves, reminding ourselves that we are God, "Aham Brahmasmi". Every time you repeat it to yourself you affirm, "I am God, I am God".

Affirmation is not Japa. It is much more than that. It's a very important point to note. Japa is repetition of a Mantra. While I affirm I know this is the truth and I will actualize it. Affirmations are intents. Like, 'I want to meditate regularly.' It's a very pure intent, so if we go on repeating it, we will be able to achieve it. When you go on affirming to yourself, first you will build a Spiritual energy field, and then you go on strengthening it. That is how it works.

It's like constructing a house. First we conceptualize, we imagine then of course then you must go on affirming 'I want to build, I want to build' you will be able to actualize it. Affirmations are very important in Sadhana.




Q: What is a 'Beejakshara'?
A: It is the essence of a field of energy manifested in the form of sound.

Q: Is it different from a Mantra?
A: No. But it is not generally used as a Mantra.

Q: From where do the Mantras originate?
A: The first sound that emerged from Creation was OM, the most powerful Mantra. All other Mantras were coined by the Rishis.

Q: Since Om is the sound of Creation, does it link us to God when used in a Mantra?
A: Yes. The repetition of the Mantra 'Om' links us to God and also brings us a lot of energies from Him. But to establish a link with God, we need not repeat any Mantra. We don't have to take the help of any technique. Just think of Him and you will be in link with God. This is difficult to believe and that is why we think of techniques.

Q: Is Om a personality?
A: No. Om is a Mantra.

Q: How does a Mantra work?
A: It works in two ways. One-it generates vibrations. Two-it connects us to its Energy field.

Q: Should a Mantra have a meaning?
A: Not necessarily.

Q: Should we know the meaning of a Mantra when we repeat it?
A: It is not necessary. But sometimes, where there is meaning and if we know the meaning, it helps. It gives us a great satisfaction.

Q: Should we repeat a Mantra silently or loudly?
A: There are three ways of repeating a Mantra-loudly, by whispering and silently. Repeating silently is the best way.

Q: When a Mantra is chanted loudly it is more effective. What happens when we chant the Mantra silently?
A: The first assumption is wrong. The Mantra is chanted by the mind. The mind is very efficient only when it is still. So if you repeat the Mantra silently it is very effective.

Q: Does the speed with which a Mantra is chanted matter?
A: No. Not the speed, but the pronunciation matters.

Q: Does listening to a Mantra help?
A: It helps to relax but it is not enough. We have to repeat a Mantra. Only then it becomes Sadhana. Only when we repeat a Mantra, we get connected to the source of energy and we receive the benefits.

Q: Does the recorded Mantra played through electronic gadgets carry the same effect as the oral recitation?
A: No.

Q: Is there any special time for repeating a Mantra?
A: Yes, generally it is better to repeat the Mantra after Meditation or at the Sandhi Kalas. Some Mantras have to be repeated at a particular time only and not at other times. We have to gather specific instructions from the person who initiates us into the Mantra.

Q: Will there be a negative effect if a Mantra is pronounced wrongly?
A: Yes.

Q: What does Mantra Shakti mean?
A: Powers gained by repeating a Mantra.

Q: Repeating Gayatri Mantra always is as good as practising the Shambala Principles. Is that right?
A: No. Gayatri Mantra brings Energies. The Practice of Shambala Principles transforms us.

Q: Why Rama-Mantra does not have 'Namaha'?
A: 'Namaha' is not a must in a Mantra.

Q: Why are there two Mantras of the same Deity?
A: To draw two different energies from the same Deity.

Q: What is Ajapa Japa?
A: It is a Japa that continues in the subconscious levels, even when we stop repeating it at the conscious level.

Q: Is there a personal Mantra?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we repeat any other Mantra when we are not meditating?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we repeat a Mantra at any time we like?
A: No. We have to repeat certain Mantras at certain times only.

Q: Can I repeat the Mantra lying down on the bed?
A: Yes.

Q: If a person casually utters a Mantra or as a joke, will that Mantra link him to God? Will the energy flow towards him?
A: Yes. Even if we utter a Mantra jokingly or think of God, we link up to Him. The energies come to us.

Q: How to invoke God?
A: There are many ways. The simplest way is intensely thinking about God. There are different Mantras to invoke different forms.

Q: If somebody just thinks about God without a Mantra and is aware of His Presence, will he be in link and will he be guided?
A: Mantra is NOT required to relate to God. A mere thought is enough; mere Love is enough to get connected to God.

Q: When I just hold this Mala (rosary beads), I find tremendous vibrations. Why?
A: It contains wonderful energies; the vibrations of the person and of the Mantra.

Q: During Meditation, we have to silence the body, mind and intellect. But if we repeat a Mantra and visualize something, we will be keeping the mind and intellect active. Then how is silence achieved? Is this not contradictory?
A: It appears contradictory, but it is not so. The mind and intellect are parts of the ego; they are very strong when they are united. By giving two different occupations, we will be dividing their attention and thus weakening them. When they are engaged alone in a particular activity, they get bored and they go into silence. It is to send the mind and intellect into silence that we keep them engaged.

Q: When everything becomes silent in Meditation, should we then continue repeating the Mantra?
A: When we achieve silence, even the repetition of Mantra stops automatically.

Q: Is chanting a Mantra for long periods enough for Spiritual progress?
A: I always say, every way is a way towards God. But, if you chant only the Mantra, it is a slow process and somehow, we get stuck at the level of the Mantra. We have to go beyond the Mantra. Going beyond is the key factor in the Spiritual journey. Mere chanting may not be enough. If we can combine Asana, Trataka and Dharana along with the Mantra, this becomes a complete process. It helps us to move faster.

Q: When we focus our Awareness on a particular symbol at a particular Chakra, what exactly happens?
A: When our Awareness is fixed on a Chakra and a symbol, it helps in silencing the intellect. This process, called Dharana, has to be combined with a Mantra for the Chakra to activate.

Q: After meditating with a Mantra, I find it difficult to expand in Consciousness but it is easy when I practise Shambala Principles. Why?
A: Mantras do not allow us to expand beyond the Mind. There are no Mantras involved in practising the Shambala Principles. That is why our Awareness expands.

Q: Can we chant the name of a saint and meditate when we visit a Samadhi?
A: You can chant and offer respects. When you meditate you have to use the Mantra given to you.

Q: On what basis a particular Mantra is given to an individual?
A: The basis is, Karmas. Like different dosages of medicine, different Mantras for different set of Karmas.

Q: Can I repeat the Mantra of my Ishta Devata in Meditations?
A: No you cannot. The technique is like a formula. We cannot modify that. If you modify, you will not be making proper Spiritual progress. If you like the Mantra of Ishta Devata, you can repeat it all the time other than Meditation.

Q: Does the repetition of a Mantra help silencing the mind or do the energies help them?
A: It is the repetition of Mantra, not the energies that silences the mind.

Q: Is it the soul or the mind that chants the Mantra?
A: The mind repeats the Mantra. But it is the soul which asks the mind to repeat the Mantra.

Q. During Meditation sometimes my focus shifts from Mantra to Light. What shall I do?
A: If your focus shifts from Mantra to Light, let it shift. At such times do not do anything and do not worry. We just begin with a technique and let things happen by themselves. Don't try to control your Meditations. When you forget the Mantra, know that your awareness has gone beyond the Mantra, beyond the mind and the intellect, which is exactly what we want. That is the purpose of meditating. So, be happy about this.

Q. Can I repeat the affirmations while channelling Light?
A: When you channel Light, do it wholeheartedly. Do not mix affirmations with channelling Light.Affirmations have to be lived, not just to be repeated like a Mantra. Repeating the affirmations without understanding them and living them adds to nothing.

Q. Should we control the mind?
A: We cannot control the mind. Do not blame the poor mind. Control your Awareness. It is not the mind that wanders. It is our Awareness. During Meditation, focus your Awareness on the Mantra or on experiencing the Light, depending on your stage. You will see that the mind does not wander. Even the thoughts go to the background.

Q. What is the effect of Mantras in Meditation?
A: The main purpose of a Mantra in Meditation is to keep the mind occupied. When the body, the mind and the intellect are working together, they are very powerful. To silence them we have to engage them in different activities.The body will be sitting in a posture. The mind will be occupied in repeating a Mantra. The Intellect will be holding on to a thought, which is Dharana. This is how Meditation happens.When we repeat a Mantra we get connected to its source and receive energies from there. These energies cleanse the whole system, the mind in particular.

Q: What are personal Mantras?
A: Sometimes people are given Mantras individually. Sometimes they are exclusive and very special. But many times people are given common Mantras like "Om". Along with the Mantra, energies are also given. Then the Mantra becomes a personal Mantra, even if it is a common Mantra.When a Mantra is given, the person is told not to reveal the Mantra or the technique to anyone. This is because, when you reveal them to others, you lose the energies that you received when you were given the Mantra. The energies go to the people to whom you speak about the Mantras.Personal Mantras are not required. Our Sadhana here is slightly at a higher level. We don't employ Mantras. We are in an advancing age. In the New Age we don't use any Mantras or techniques.

Q: While repeating a Mantra, some other Mantra slips in. What shall I do?
A: Do not worry. When you become aware that you are repeating a different Mantra, come back to your Mantra, that's all. No harm is done.

Q: Should we know the meaning of a Mantra before repeating it?
A: Yes, it helps. Whenever you repeat a Mantra, you get connected to the source of the Mantra. All Mantras have a source, an energy field. For example, when we repeat the Mantra 'Om Namaha Shivaya', we get connected to Lord Shiva's energies.Repeating a Mantra continuously is Japa, which is done to achieve a material or a Spiritual goal. Before beginning the Japa, one can think of the goal. A strong thought or a resolution made before repeating the Mantra is called a Sankalpa in Sanskrit. For the Japa to be effective, the Mantra has to be repeated at least 108 times or in multiples of 108.

It is not a must to make a Sankalpa before Japa. When we repeat the Mantra without a Sankalpa, the energies that we draw from the source enter us and cleanse and tune up our system; they strengthen some processes and spiritually benefit us if we allow them. We must become aware of the benefits and thank the energies. If we resist the energies, they remain dormant in our system until we request them to help us.When a Mantra is used as a part of the technique of Meditation, knowing the meaning is not very important. The purpose of the Mantra in Meditation is to engage the mind in repeating something so that the system gets quietened.

Q: Why do we repeat a Mantra one hundred and eight times and also what is the relevance in the times when we are going beyond Mantras and experiencing Light directly?
A: When you are experiencing Light or God directly no mantra is required. Now the ancient Rishis found out that one hundred and eight is a mystical number, just like the number nine. That is why any and every Mantra should be repeated one hundred and eight times."

The number seven is special; it can be understood as a base unit. Ideally, we should send Light to a person for a minimum of seven minutes.

Q: What is the meaning of the Mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum"?
A: Padma in Sanskrit means a lotus. Mani means a diamond. This body is like a lotus and the soul is like a diamond in the centre of the lotus. Repeating this Mantra is an affirmation that means - I am a soul in this body.




A person asked me a question about Mantra and Dharana, "You say you are giving individual Mantra and Dharana, but these are the same for everyone?" It is a very good question. I told him that we don't just give the Mantra we also give individual energies with it. The same energy is not passed on to everyone. Some individuals require perhaps more or a slightly different type of energy. The Rishis are capable of that. That is why they initiate and tune up a Meditator with Spiritual energies. Every initiation is different.

The same mantra may be given to a hundred people, but to each individual it is the personal mantra. If you reveal your Mantra, the Spiritual energy charge that we have given to you will dissipate. The techniques that are given to you should not be discussed with others.


A person had no job and he had a lot of problems. Rishis gave him a Mantra. We expected him to repeat the Mantra and also search for a job. This person repeated the Mantra and met me after two months. He said he was still waiting for success. We had to tell him the reality that we have to make efforts both at the physical and the Spiritual levels.

SOULS Part 1


Everything in Creation, whether it is animate or inanimate, gross or subtle, has awareness. A stone or a car is self-aware and does have individuality and can have preferences and opinions, but has no freewill. It submits itself completely to its environment without a choice.

A soul is a spark of Life from the Light, the Source of all Life and Creation. It has awareness, individuality and freewill. It can choose the type of experiences that it wants to have, though, the choices are not always unlimited.

The whole Creation has been manifested by the Source with the sole purpose of experiencing it. And who experiences the Creation? Innumerable souls were created at various levels of existence to experience the Creation. These souls have varying capacities for experiencing. Not only are they created differently, their role, purpose and the extent of freewill also vary depending on their origin. The amount of Knowledge and responsibilities a soul is given is proportionate to the extent of its freewill.

In the western New Ager's point of view, we the souls got separated from God, because of which we fell from grace and are having negative experiences like hatred, grief, war etc. This is entirely incorrect. We got separated from God so that we can experience the beauty of Creation and finally return to Him.

The souls created to occupy plants and animals are different from the souls of human beings. A soul of a plant or an animal, after its life on this earth, returns to the Creator (Brahma) and merges into Him. It does not reincarnate, as the laws of Karma do not apply to these souls. Once it merges into its Creator, it ceases to exist as an individual soul. In other words, it disintegrates.

The souls of plants and animals do not have the capacity or the level of intelligence that the souls of humans possess. And yet they have individuality and feelings, they can communicate with us and they have their likes and dislikes. All the souls of a species are interconnected to form a group consciousness, which gives them a collective intelligence that helps them survive and evolve. Here, evolution refers to the evolution or improvement of the physical body and not of the soul itself. As the bodies evolve, souls of higher capacity are created to occupy and animate them.

A single collective intelligence was created for each species, from which many souls came out to occupy the bodies of that species. There is a Deity for each species with its own assistants known as Nature Spirits to manage, monitor and protect them and to take care of their feelings, likes, dislikes, pain and pleasure.These souls take birth to help in the evolution of the species and not for their Spiritual awakening because they are already Spiritual. Their purpose is not to experience life here, but to make life possible for human beings, which is a greater and nobler purpose. They do experience life in their limited ways but primarily, they have contributed immensely in the evolution of the human body and they continue to help in maintaining the ecological balance on this earth. Without them, the human experience would be impossible.

From the collective intelligence of the species, some animal souls are given an opportunity to take birth as a human being and experience life on earth. Such an opportunity is given by the Creator once in 51,000 years during the dark Age.The higher souls that occupy human bodies are from different origins. They can take birth as many times as they wish and the laws of Karma that apply to them depend on their origin. After death, they return to their source and retain their identity for as long as their Creator exists.

Some souls are created for special purposes. They are not created to experience the Creation, but instead, they are created to work for the Creation. If they wish, they can take birth only to experience life on earth but they don't. They are highly advanced and they specialise in managing different aspects of Creation. They are known as the Rishis. Not all Rishis are created special. Some souls, through several lifetimes of experiencing life in the Material Cosmos grow spiritually and develop capacities to become Rishis.

Rishis are the most important beings in Creation. God manages the Creation through them. Their capacities and greatness are beyond our comprehension.The difference between a soul and a god is that, a god is created to perform a specific function whereas, a soul is created to experience life. And yet, if a god or a goddess wishes to experience life in the Material Cosmos, they are welcome to do so.

SOULS Part 2


Birth and Death

The processes of birth and death of plants, animals and humans are managed by specialised workers from a certain plane of existence.

The process involved in the birth of a soul on this earth may vary slightly from soul to soul, depending on its origin. A soul cannot occupy a physical body directly. To occupy a physical body, it requires the Spiritual body, the intellect, the mind, the vital body and the silver cord.

To take birth, a soul must leave its plane of existence and enter the Material Cosmos. A soul can exist without any body only in the atmosphere of its plane, where it is in a state of Bliss. To come out of its plane, it must carry the atmosphere of its origin in a space suit like container. This container is the Spiritual body and the soul resides in it during the whole time it is outside its plane.

In addition to the Spiritual body, the soul requires the intellectual sheath (intellect) to generate thoughts and the mental sheath (mind) to carry the thoughts and emotions to the brain. Without the mind it is not possible to have emotions. The Spiritual body, the intellectual body and the mental body together form the Astral body. They remain fused together for as long as the soul stays in the Material Cosmos. The intellectual and mental sheaths are manufactured on a certain earth and are provided to the souls that wish to take birth anywhere in the Material Cosmos.The Astral body is connected to the physical body with the help of the silver cord. The silver cord is made of semi-matter and it provides the mass and gravity required for the Astral body to descend to the earth and anchor itself to the physical body.In addition to this, the Astral body is glued to the physical body with the help of the vital body at the time of birth. The vital body is manufactured in the Sun. The physical body cannot be alive without it.

Each of these four bodies (Spiritual body, intellect, mind, physical body) protects the soul but also imposes a limitation on it. The mind protects the soul by preventing it from having excessive experiences. For some souls, the mind determines the gender of the physical body taken up on earth. When the soul is in its plane, it has heightened or expanded awareness. As it takes on each of these bodies, its awareness shrinks and the soul feels separated from its Creator. This is by design and is necessary for experiencing the Creation.

When a soul bound by Karmas decides to take birth, it is given a choice of seven bodies from which to choose. It chooses one of them depending on the kind of life it wants to live. The whole process is managed by gods who specialise in this. These gods are created in a plane that is in charge of the highly complex process of births and deaths in the entire Material Cosmos. (Our earth is one of the billions of planets on which advanced intelligent life is possible.)

At the time of death, which is predetermined, death rays are automatically generated by special gadgets in the plane of death. These death rays sever the silver cord and release the Astral body from the physical body. The vital body returns to the Sun and disintegrates.

Along with the death rays come special guides to guide the soul back to its origin or to continue with its incarnations. If death is caused by accident or suicide, the death rays and the guides do not come. The silver cord gets disconnected by itself when the physical body is badly damaged. The guides come only in case of scheduled deaths. So, such a soul in its Astral body remains on this earth until they arrive. But if a soul understands this process, it can contact the guides and seek guidance without waiting for the scheduled time of death.


During its lifetime on the earth, the soul exercises its freewill to experience life. Since every soul is entitled to freewill, it is possible that while exercising it, it may violate the freewill of another deliberately. To ensure that a soul's freewill is not violated, the Prime Creator (Parabrahma) had to frame certain laws. Commonly known as the laws of Karma, it is more of an agreement or a commitment made by the soul to its Creator to respect the freewill of other souls. Freewill is the most precious thing in Creation. It is what makes a soul, a soul. Without it, Creation has no meaning. It is because of our freewill we either evolve or degenerate.

So, more freewill implies more responsibilities and the possibility of more Karmas.Also known as the law of Cause and Effect, the laws of Karma applicable to a soul depends on its origin. The effects of a soul's actions are recorded in the mind in the form of impressions.

The laws of Karma do not apply to the souls of plants and animals as they have very limited awareness and cannot conscientiously violate another's freewill. The amount of Karma a soul can attract is directly proportionate to the extent of its freewill.When souls of a certain origin leave the body, they retain their minds and hence the Karmas. They create new Karmas in each lifetime and carry them with them for countless lifetimes. When a soul accumulates too many Karmas, it forgets about its origin and its life on earth will be full of ignorance and suffering. At such times, Spiritual Guides are sent to help the soul to realise its true nature by burning its Karmas through techniques of Meditation.

SOULS Part 3


When the Prime Creator created the Material Cosmos, He created fourteen planes of existence - while the first plane is purely Spiritual, the fourteenth plane is purely material. Here, pure materialism can be understood as being totally selfish or being immersed in material activity.

The conditions on the first plane are conducive only for Spiritual activities and no materialism is possible. On the fourteenth plane, it is extremely difficult to have any Spiritual activity but it is possible.

There are billions of earths on each plane where intelligent life is possible. Our earth belongs to the seventh plane, the Earth plane, which is known as Bhoo Loka in Sanskrit. All the fourteen planes have names in Sanskrit.

The common words used for being Spiritual and material are, 'good' and 'evil'. From the second plane onwards, materialism or 'evil' is introduced in increasing degrees with the seventh (Earth) plane being suitable for both material and Spiritual pursuits in equal proportions.

Different kinds of souls are created to live on these fourteen planes. On planes eight to fourteen, only 'dark' souls (or evil souls) can take birth. On the seventh plane, which is our plane, both the 'dark' souls and 'Light' souls (good souls) can take birth. Above the seventh plane, only good souls are allowed to take birth.These planes are created to facilitate different types of experiences and are not meant for graduation from a material plane to a Spiritual one. For instance, when a soul has completed its cycle of birth and death on this earth, it does not get shifted to the sixth plane. Instead, it gets liberated and returns to its origin.There is no such thing as a lower soul or a higher soul. They are created differently and any soul can reach the highest state if it wants. But generally, they do not seek to grow to the highest level. For example, an animal soul after its death, returns to its origin and disintegrates; it does not seek higher experiences like enlightenment.

An evil soul can choose to become a good soul and a good soul can choose to be evil. Choosing to be evil is not a 'wrong' choice. There are no right and wrong choices; there are only choices and their consequences. Therefore, it is important for us to make clear and conscientious choices. Not choosing is also a choice. A soul that chooses darkness cannot be on this earth for long, as we are entering into Light Age.

SOULS Part 4


The New Agers' understanding of a soul is far more complex and different from what has been explained so far. Here, we have broadly outlined their account of the soul's creation and its journey in quotes and our comments after each point under the title - 'In our understanding'. "A part of the Creator gets individuated and separated from Him, which is the God-seed, a unit of sentient consciousness. A God-seed splits into two parts; one that always stays with the Creator and the other that comes out of its plane and incarnates. The part that stays with the Creator is known as the Monad and the part that incarnates is called the Oversoul."

In our understanding: The theory of Monad and Oversoul is incorrect. A soul does not split. When a soul wants to incarnate, the whole of it comes down to the Material Cosmos.

"The Oversoul splits further into many souls, where each soul incarnates and experiences life on different earths."

In our understanding: A soul does not split; it does not need to split. Each soul is an individual and it experiences life as an individual. In rare cases, an advanced soul may take birth in multiple bodies, but this is done for the sake of work and not to experience life.

"Each soul has a structure, a geometric shape. It is in the shape of an octahedron - two pyramids joined at their base.

"As the Oversoul learns and develops through the incarnations of its souls, its frequency reaches higher levels and it splits further, creating more complex geometric shapes to accommodate the new souls. The experiences of all the souls are gathered and stored by the Monad."

In our understanding: A soul does not have a geometric shape. It is a spark of God. New souls are not created by splitting a soul and new geometric structures are not created to accommodate new souls. All experiences remain with the soul and does not get transferred to its counterpart residing with the creator since the whole of the soul comes down.

"When the number of souls reaches 11 (excluding the Monad), the geometric structure constitutes what is known as a Merkaba vehicle. A Merkaba vehicle is a Light geometry structure that can be used for interplanetary travel without a spaceship."

In our understanding: When a soul wants to travel, it acquires the Merkaba vehicle formed out of Light (Energy). The soul itself does not become a Merkaba.

"When the Oversoul is capable of 49 simultaneous incarnations, it is known as a Star-Cluster Oversoul. The splitting of souls continues until it reaches a maximum of 144 souls. The evolution of each of these souls is linked to the evolution of the other souls in this group.

"It is generally believed that the 1,44,000 Light Workers are of the level of a Star-Cluster Oversoul."

In our understanding: Since soul splitting itself is not possible, there is no scope for the concept of a Star-Cluster Oversoul. Each soul is responsible for its own evolution; it does not depend on any other soul. Even in the case of soulmates, each soul evolves independently.

There is no such thing as a soul group.

The 1,44,000 Light Workers are of the order of the Rishis and it is difficult to imagine their capacities.

"All the six billion-plus souls on this earth are part of one great soul."

In our understanding: We are six billion individual souls. We are not a part of one soul.

"Minerals are from the first level of consciousness and they evolve to an animal soul and eventually, they become human souls."

In our understanding: Minerals do not evolve to become souls. They are not meant to become souls.

"A part of a soul may leave or may get lost or get borrowed. Recovering all such fragments will make the soul whole again and the process is known as soul retrieval."

In our understanding: A part of a soul cannot be removed or separated. So, there is no such process called soul-retrieval. In special cases where Masters take birth in multiple bodies, they wait for each of them to return at their own pace. There is no question of recalling them before their work is completed.

"Each soul is a part of a soul group and when they meet each other during their incarnations, they feel an attraction or a kinship towards each other. Also, in each group there are 1,44,000 Monads and each Monad has 12 oversouls that split into male and female souls as they enter the material cosmos."

In our understanding: Soul groups are formed by association during incarnations and not by design. Souls come to this reality individually and make associations here. They do not split into male and female souls.

"A soulmate is a soul from a soul group or a soul family and not a part of one's own soul. The soulmates are of similar vibration and go through several lifetimes together. A soulmate is someone you are close to at the soul level, someone who has been your parent or a child or a very close friend or even someone with whom you have had a romantic relationship."

In our understanding: When souls incarnated in this material cosmos for the first time, they were given the mental sheaths (minds) that were required to occupy and animate the human body. There are different types of minds-some are single and some are paired. The mind also has the gender. Souls do not have gender; their gender is decided when they take on the mind. And when two souls take on two minds that are paired, they become soulmates and they almost always incarnate together and live as husband and wife. Those who prefer to experience their journey alone take the single minds but they can always marry if they want to.

So, a soulmate is not just any soul associated with us in past lifetimes; it is someone who has our mind's counterpart or pair. If a soul has completed its cycle of incarnations and wants to return to its source, it must wait for the soulmate to end its cycle of incarnations because the two minds must be returned together. When people have a strong desire to spend time with certain individuals, which cannot be fulfilled in this lifetime, they get the opportunity to do so in the next incarnation. And when they are associated with a soul for several lifetimes, they feel very close to them, regardless of the type of relationship. These are not soulmates.

Though the mind limits the soul, it is because of the mind that we have feelings and emotions, which can be beautiful. A soul needs a mind to emote. Similarly, even the intellect, which is not a part of the mind but a separate sheath by itself allows the soul to experience beauty through understanding and exploration of reality. The soul also experiences beauty through the physical body in the form of sensations and many other experiences.