Great Ra

Great Ra

    The Sapta Rishis or the Hierarchy are eternal explorers as they are our eternal Guides. Master V, who came down to earth as the Christ, works with the Hierarchy. He is perhaps the most advanced Light Master in this Creation. He loves this earth and is doing everything to help us prepare for the New Age.

    Master V and the Hierarchy discovered another universe recently. It is the universe of the Great Ra or Prakasha Brahma. The Ra God worshipped by the Egyptians received knowledge and energies from the Great Ra.

    The Great Ra has accepted the pleas of Master V and the Hierarchy and has agreed to help this world transiting into the Light Age. He has already passed on a lot of energies to this earth.

    Master V and the Hierarchy are working more with the new energies from the Great Ra.

Ra Meditation

    Master V has devised a very simple technique by practising which anyone can get help from the Great Ra.

    Sit quietly and comfortably facing North, close your eyes. Relax for a minute. Then imagine you are fully filled up with Blue Light. Be aware of the Light but do not try to see It.

    Experience the Light.

    Practise this for a minimum of 24 minutes daily.

Great Ra Meditation Hall

The Great Ra or Prakasha Brahma Meditation Hall is situated in Antar-Manasa at Gollahalli which is about a km from Taponagara.

Great Ra is the source of Egyptian Ra.

His Blue Light energies anchored here on 18th May 2009 help us prepare for the New Age.

Anyone can meditate here between 10 am and 5 pm.