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Is Meditation concentration?

No. It is beyond concentration.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is silencing the Body, Mind and Intellect. In silence, many Spiritual processes begin and our Awareness expands to the Cosmic limits. It is in silence alone we can experience the Higher Reality.

What are 'Walking Meditation', 'Dancing Meditation' and 'Dynamic Meditation'?

Meditation is silencing; doing nothing. In Meditation there is no action. If you are doing anything, it cannot be Meditation.

Can we meditate with music playing in the background?

No. The sound will not allow our Awareness to go beyond the music.

Why is Meditation important?

Meditation opens the doors to the Spiritual world and Spiritual wealth. Meditation is the shortest way to Truth; to God. It is the only way which gives us the direct experience of Samadhi. Meditation makes us Perfect both at the Spiritual and Material lev

Is belief in God a must to meditate?


Do we get the same benefits from all types of Meditation?

Benefits depend on the technique, the guru and the Astral Masters in the path.

How does Meditation help in daily life?

Meditation brings wisdom, inner strength and sharpens the intuition. With all these, we can make the right choices and do only the right things. With this we will have peace.

In spite of Meditation, there is no peace in me. What shall I do?

Mere Meditation is not enough. We have to positivise and manifest love at all levels.

How to increase the quality of Meditation?

Make your system available to Higher Beings. Surrender to them. Have Love, faith and trust. Feel and experience the presence of God, in and around.

In what stage of Meditation do thoughts vanish?

Thoughts always remain. When we advance, our Awareness rises above the level of thoughts.

How do we connect to the Universal Intelligence?

Through Meditation.

What is initiation?

Initiation is a process of charging the person with Spiritual energies and also tuning up the initiate to practise Meditation. Certain Spiritual processes are also activated. (Please watch the video clip on 'Initiation' for more details)

Is it necessary to get initiated?

It is necessary.

Is initiation a one-time process?

No. It happens at every stage.

How do I find the right path?

When we are clear about our goal, we will know the right path.

Which is the single factor that differentiates one path from the other?

The goal. Here, our goal is experiencing and manifesting the Divine in all our thoughts, emotions and deeds; Perfection, Freedom and becoming a Rishi.

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Which single principle helps us make fast Spiritual progress?

Vairagya (Detachment). When we practice Vairagya, we come out of the shell of individuality, lose possessiveness and become free. Vairagya creates a space within us for God. When God enters, we will have His attributes - Love, Wisdom and Strength. These help us in making faster Spiritual progress.

What are Spiritual relations?

These are relations at the level of the Soul, not at the level of mind or thought. Spiritual relations are not based on emotions. They are based on Divine Love.

What is the difference between Religion and Spirituality?

Religion is the distorted version of Spirituality which is a set of Universal values and guidelines to daily living.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is keeping a smile always, manifesting Love always, celebrating this life and experiencing Divinity in everything. It is also being good and honest.

Do Spiritual experiences measure our Spiritual progress?

No. It is the degree of Humility, Expandedness, Love and Divinity that indicate our Spiritual progress.

Will the Spiritual progress made in one lifetime, carry over the next life?

Yes. Not only the progress and good things gathered in one life, but even the other things like weaknesses, karmas, habits are carried over. The next life is like waking up after a long sleep.

I meditate daily for 2 hours. But I don't find any progress. Why?

You cannot assess your own progress. Leave it to your Guide. Sitting mechanically for Meditations will be of no use. Add Love to it and see. Love God, Love people, Love the life around and then see the difference.

What is New Age?

It is the Golden Age or Light Age, also known as 'Satya Yuga' in Sanskrit. It is an Age full of Peace, Joy, Truth, Love and Perfection with no disease, suffering or death.

When will it begin?

The previous Age, the Dark Age or 'Kali Yuga' ended in 1974. Since then, we are in the transitory period. We will be entering the New Age fully in 2018.

Many in the East believe that the New Age will begin after millions of years and that we are at the beginning of 'Kali Yuga'. Is this incorrect?

The time period of Kali Yuga referred by them is of a higher plane where Time has a different pace. Kali Yuga on this earth lasts for 5000 years. The previous Kali Yuga ended in 1974.

With the present level of corruption, selfishness and injustice, is it really possible for the Golden Age to begin by 2018?

Yes, it is possible because many invisible Light Age Masters (Rishis) are working hard to prepare humanity for the coming of the Golden Age. It is because of their efforts and the entry of our earth into the Photon Belt, many will enter the Golden Age.

What is the 'Shift in Consciousness' we often hear about these days?

The present-day man-made systems are based on fear and greed. With the coming of the New Age and its energies, humanity's collective consciousness will shift to a new system based on Unconditional Love, oneness and abundance.

Do we have a role to play in this Shift? If so, what is it?

Yes. Every human being has a very important role to play in this Shift. Our role is to contribute to the transformation of humanity by transforming ourselves into Divine Beings through Meditation, Positivation and spreading Love & Light.

What is Light?

Light is God. God is Energy. Light is Energy. Light is many things and has many things.

Where is this Light?

Light is everywhere. The Light referred here is of a higher realm, a higher frequency. Light is omnipresent.

If the Light is everywhere, why should we channel it?

We have to channel the Light to the human plane because It is at a different frequency.

Can the Light not come down by itself?

No. It will come down only if we seek it. God is available all the time but we have to seek Him.

How to channel Light? How long should we channel Light?

Imagine an ocean of Light above. Imagine that the Light enters you and fills up your entire system. Experience the Light for a moment. Then imagine it spreading out and gradually filling up your room, house, locality, country and the world. Channel Light daily for seven minutes anytime, anywhere. This is a kind of higher Meditation. You can also practice this technique for an hour or more. In the future, it will be necessary to meditate for several hours every day.

What are the benefits of channelling Light?

Light brings Peace and Love. Light brings Change in hearts, nature and environment. Light transforms. There will be no conflicts. No wars. Light heals. Light heals the wounds inflicted by violence and hatred on individuals and countries. Light purifies our body, mind and intellect. It burns the Karmas of the individual and the countries. When Karmas are cleared, the destinies forced by Karmas change. If many channel the Light, the impact on the world is great. If many channel the Light at the same time, the impact will be faster.

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What are the characteristics of a Rishi?

A Rishi is a radiant being who can receive and transmit knowledge and energies as Light. A Rishi is a person who has not only completed his Sadhana at this level but also at several other levels unknown to us. The main concern of the Rishis is the welfare of the Universe.

Why do they do Tapas?

To gather Energies and Knowledge for the welfare of the Universe.

How do they guide humanity?

They have a network of assistant Rishis and human beings down here. They monitor our Sadhana through them and pass on the necessary knowledge and energies through their human channels. (They guide the humanity to transit from one Age to another Age).

Why is contacting the Rishis so difficult?

We do not have enough Love for them and we have not developed a relationship with them. We have not allowed the Love which we have suppressed for a long time to come out.

Why is it necessary to contact the Light Age Masters?

We need to contact them to receive direct guidance, which is essential to sail through current difficult time of pralaya.

What are the requirements to become a Rishis' worker?

Total surrender, obedience and faith, readiness to give up anything; broad universal outlook; non-aggression at any level; the capacity to accommodate others' shortcomings; non-judging; acceptance of the truths of life and living.

What is the difference between a yogi and a Rishi?

A Yogi works for his own growth and a Rishi works for the welfare of the entire Creation. Rishis have access to the Source of all Knowledge and Powers.

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