Annual Fee

The Fee is kept minimum so that many can easily afford. The Fee for Lessons in different languages is mentioned below:

First Year :

English (within India)    - Rs. 2,500
English (outside India) - Rs. 4,500
Other Languages          - Rs. 2,500
(Kannada, Marathi and Hindi)

The fee includes a set of 5 books and one year subscription to our monthly Newsletter.

Second Year Onwards :

English (within India)    - Rs. 2,000
English (outside India) - Rs. 3,500
Other Languages          - Rs. 2,000
(Kannada, Marathi and Hindi)

The renewal fee includes one year subscription to our monthly Newsletter.


Live Webcast of Sunday lectures is available for our Meditators.

Please contact Manasa office through email ([email protected]) for details.

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External Guidance/Online Classes

Those who cannot attend the weekly classes physically may receive guidance either through post, e-mail or online classes. The Basic course consists of 4 classes and the students who take up External Guidance have the option of attending these classes online. After completion of the Basic course, the students are initiated.

New batch for online Basic course starts on every first Sunday of the month. These online classes are held on Sundays, from 10 am to 11 am.

After completion of the Basic course, the students are initiated. Initiation (giving the Spiritual Charge in the beginning) is done astrally by the Rishis.

Anyone above 12 years may take up Meditations.

The Syllabus and the Techniques are same as for those who attend classes physically.

The External students will be provided with a package of text books. They have to also read other books published by us for fuller knowledge. The monthly Newsletter provides new Knowledge.

Apart from the online Basic classes, regular Meditation classes are held in Taponagara on Sundays from 11 am to 1 pm, for students who have already completed the Basic Course. Access to the live webcast of these classes will also be available to all the students.

Medium of communication in the online classes is either English or Kannada. But the Postal or Email guidance is provided in four languages: English, Kannada, Marathi and Hindi. .


Download the Application Form in any of the following languages:

English    (MS-Word format, PDF format),
Kannada (MS-Word format, PDF format),
Hindi       (MS-Word format, PDF format),
Marathi   (MS-Word format, PDF format),

fill up with necessary details, send it along with a DD/Cheque to the following address or you can pay online and email the duly filled Application form to [email protected]

Manasa Light Age Foundation, Taponagara
Off Hennur-Bagalur Road
Chikkagubbi, Bangalore Urban - 560 077
Ph: +91 99000 75280

All Cheques / DDs may be drawn in favour of 'Manasa Light Age Foundation', Bangalore.
Money Orders are not accepted.

On receipt of your application form and fee, the Basic Course Material and Books will be sent to you by post (within India) / courier (outside India).