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Experiences shared by Meditators

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I have become more sensitive now and can sense the other person's pain, whether physical or emotional. I feel connected to that person and I feel something in my heart.

Jaspreet Kaur , Mar 2020

Many times when I practise Yogasanas, I feel weak and at that time I pray to Light to provide me with supplemental energy and Light obliges! What amuses me is that it is just a simple prayer, there's no intensity in it and yet Light obliges!

Whenever I receive help from anyone I feel grateful; now the depth in the feeling of gratitude has become deeper.

Nikhil Gandhi , Mar 2020

In the Cellular Healing course, I first practised Light channelling, Saptarshi Pranayama and then the course practice which I have been doing since 20 years. To my surprise, within a week my pancreas started working and my insulin injection was stopped. Now I am only on tablets. I was on insulin for nearly fifteen years. I am very happy for this change and would like to give credit to Manasa Foundation for teaching me Light Channelling and Saptarshi Pranayama.

Nasreen Begum , Mar 2020

I have observed that I am calm under all situations and I am thankful to God for showering His grace on me during such times. I have observed that I am more helpful and "giving"; I have been thinking less about myself and concerned more about people around me.

Prashanth C , Mar 2020

Daily Meditations have given me good mental health. I always have the awareness of the Divine. I have become more courageous and also positive by the Grace of Guruji.

Kalavathi Ravikumar , Mar 2020

A few weeks ago, one day very early in the morning, I got a call from a person very close to me. She was unwell and had severe stomach ache and diarrhoea. She had no medicine at home and was not in a position to go out to buy medicines. She was crying and felt utterly helpless. She was unable to speak and began conversing with me through text messages. I too felt helpless and began praying to Guruji and Light. I realized later that I unconsciously began sending Love and healing energies to her. And then, all of a sudden, her messages stopped coming. I was worried and anxious. After anxiously waiting for three long hours, finally I received her message. While conversing with me, she had fallen asleep! There was no pain and the diarrhoea had stopped! I thanked Guruji, Light and Santoshi Devi for their help. They always help.

A Sadak , Feb 2020

I had a terrible conflict with a relative. But surprisingly, I did not react in the way I used to - I could sense and be aware of the negative emotions and could fight them. I prayed hard that I shouldn't hurt the person and realized that the whole situation was about me and my growth. The physical weight that was weighing on me just disappeared when I made the choice to forgive! I was able to practise experiencing Oneness and sending Love to the person too! I am so grateful for the Sunday lecture videos - they give so much of wisdom and help at all times! And truly, each technique really helps!

Maitreyi Sasank , Feb 2020

Lately, things have started working fine in school and in the home front. There has been a lot of appreciation for me in school as a French teacher and healer. Thanks dear Rishis for your continual presence in my life. There has been a lot of struggle to reach this phase, yet it's wonderful to be here! Many times I feel the presence of Rishis at home and there is a huge shift in life.

Swapna Tembe , Feb 2020

While discarding an old tooth brush, clothes or even the unserviceable electronic gadgets, I have a feeling of gratitude towards them and thank them mentally. I feel the loving contact of Divine communication with them, which we normally experience with our near and dear ones; my heart gets filled with choked emotions and a sense of gratitude while deserting them after their prolonged use.

Rajendra Rangnekar , Feb 2020

I am able to understand and accept the positive aspects of situations even when they seem to be going wrong. My complaining nature has reduced considerably.

Rajalakshmi R , Feb 2020

Through the day, I am experiencing a deep stillness and a sense of a "deep and rich inner life". The sense of this inner reality is so compelling and beautiful, that I don't want it to dissipate. So, I prefer to stay quiet, and I find I simply cannot talk a lot, and prefer to watch and listen when in a lot of company. This is a big change in me.

Vidya Virkar , Feb 2020

I feel so much at peace and I am able to go along easily with the flow of things. I am unable to get into unnecessary arguments and feel sorry for those who do that. I am now more aware of my decisions.

Pratibha Patel , Feb 2020

I experience Peace and harmony in life. I am connected now with people through Love and this makes life more vibrant.

Sulochana Ramaswamy , Feb 2020

I was reminded that as soon as I experience anything negative I have to fill myself with Light. It works every time!

Alastair Stubbs , Feb 2020

The joy of Meditations is becoming a habit and I don't feel too good if I miss out on my daily Meditations. I am able to go into silence faster and it is deeper. I am beginning to feel the Presence in the quiet. Surrender too is coming naturally. Most important of all is that a sense of detachment in me is very strong and I am not interested in anything except the Source, His service, His remembrance, His work, awareness and prayer. And the whole being is diverted towards Him.

Rebony Ray , Jan 2020

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