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Experiences shared by Meditators

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The struggles and the challenges I recently faced in my Life and my Sadhana have made me even humbler and more serene. I now know that nothing can be taken for granted, and that we can suddenly go through dips, and that at such times we need to use all that Guruji has taught us; in an intelligent way and with keen application, in order to face and overcome those challenges. And that it was my strong faith that was the most important thing; by holding on to that, it made everything else possible.

Vidya Virkar

I now have a tremendous feeling of surrender to the Divine will. It is 'Acceptance'. I feel that it is my duty to do my best for the people who are around me. There is perhaps nothing else to do, except 'to be', to be cheerful, to be positive and to hold on to my connection to Peace, to my Sadhana, to Meditations, and let the days just go by. I should just let me be with the flow and know in my heart that God is orchestrating my Life - events, help, guidance, success, failures and moods etc. I do feel that I am only an instrument, and that God is playing through me.

Reboni Ray

I have noticed that I don't react immediately these days. I pause before responding. Workplace has been difficult for many, but I feel some force guiding me and giving hope. '

Deepthy Raghavendra

Every time I think I have become calm, at least one situation arises which disturbs me inside and I seek help from Guruji. Then I gain strength to overcome it. This year has been a year of a lot of inner transformation (in terms of Peace, calmness, politeness towards others and helping others). When I had a financial need, I was unsure from where the money would come. I prayed to Guruji and the Rishis. The very next day one of my friends to whom I had given money long ago, returned the entire amount! (Without my asking him). I always feel that I am being guided. I am grateful at every incident that is happening and it's increasing my faith in Guruji and the Rishis and I sense the connectedness to them.

Prem Anand

Meditation teaches me the power of patience. It gives me the wisdom to analyse situations without judging others and without jumping to conclusions. Regular Meditation makes me surrender to Light which is everywhere. It makes me aware of the Peace within myself.

Sulochana Ramaswamy

I am able to stay calm and peaceful; I am feeling the Grace of Rishis, and I feel more gratitude towards them. I am able to watch my thoughts and stay positive.

Jyothy S

The moment I look at Amaraji's photo or remember him, I experience strong vibrations in my whole body.

Jyotika Thakkar

Day-to-day struggle of handling situations is still improving. I am facing ups and downs and learning through experiences.

Pradnya Waikar

Presently I have peace of mind and happiness. Every day I retrospect what I have done and correct myself. However, sometimes negative thoughts disturb me during Meditation as well as in other situations. I am trying to overcome all these by the grace of my Guru and Rishis. I am being helped by Guruji and Rishis in many ways.

Harikrishnan V

The left side of my face and my ear was paining after the tooth extraction. This happened in the month of June this year. I wasn't even able to open my mouth, talk or smile. After some time, I sat for Meditation and prayed to Rishis to heal me. Suddenly, I felt strong energies at the affected part. The deadly pain was healed! That's how Rishis brought back the smile on my face!

Nabha Bele

I am working in Govt. Hospitals and I have helped to save distressed public as much as possible during the Covid Pandemic. My work and profession carried infection to my home. Everyone got infected many times and still none of us lost hope. External pressures and financial distress couldn't shake our faith and belief in our Path. The only relative or relation that helped us during these tough times was Meditations, Guruji and Sapta Rishis' Grace. Every problem - physical or mental, was duly taken care of by Guruji. He was more than a Father to me during these tough times. Every breath I am taking in is like a new lease of Life given to me by Guruji and Light. I shall remain forever indebted and grateful to this Path and Rishis.

Chandrakala Lakshmisha

2021 has been turbulent for me due to certain experiences. Yet it has been a period of immense growth. I am able to carry and experience much more Love than ever before. I feel this in my interaction with people. This has also been a time of quietness and letting go, of becoming more capable of understanding Life. I have realized that Life is much easier if we fall in line with God's plans for us.

Nimmi J

Experience of Light itself is uplifting, thus every day is an uplifting experience that gives clarity to the mind. With expansion of Awareness a lot happens which is difficult to put into words. What's required is to be alert, aware, and to continue to stay with that experience, over and over again, just like Rishis are helping us over and over again!

Vidya Viswamitra

I am monitoring my behaviour. I did not get agitated any day and I am experiencing lot of happiness and peace within.

Aparna Kongot

It feels like the incoming energies are ever increasing, leading to more emotional downloads and compassion, for myself and others.

Roland Pfeffinger

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