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Experiences shared by Meditators

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I had an amazing experience on Guruji's birthday. Guruji was in all smiles. I received abundant Love and Light from him. I saw him laughing heartily and chatting with some of us. Patting us on our back, he assured and reassured that he is very much here and will be with all of us for the rest of our life and lifetimes to come. I am blessed to be in this Path and to have him as my Guru. Thank you Sir, Guruji, Rishis and the Universe for all your wonderful presence in my life.

Kanchanalatha , July 2020

The Orientation class experiences were very nice. This was my first Orientation class. What a superb Divine energy Jayant Sir was spreading on us, I cannot express it! For two days I was feeling cool and fine. Practising Shambala Principle One with you made a lot of difference. Our whole house was flooded with happy vibes and peace. I felt like it was a festival day on Orientation Practice Day. Thanks a lot Sir to you and everybody behind the stage work.

Nasreen Begum , July 2020

Once during Meditation, I just saw myself standing in front of a door which had wonderful carving work done all over it and was quite huge in size. But, I was surprised to notice that neither there was any hard surface beneath my feet, nor any supporting walls to the door. The door was ajar and through the opening I could see the Light, thick white Light. I realised that on the other side of the door there was nothing but Light. This experience was wonderful!

Vidya J H , July 2020

I experience surrender and gratitude every moment. What else can I ask for? I feel truly blissful; there are no words to describe it.

Shantha Kumari H S , July 2020

Thank you so much for today's Orientation class. We are very grateful to you and Manasa team for all the efforts you are taking to conduct such classes. I was feeling very energetic after the class today, especially after practising the RA energies technique. In the contact session I felt as if the link was established with Rishis immediately. And I received the answers as soon as I closed my eyes.

Nikhil Samudra , July 2020

My Family members are changing. My sister reads 'Master-Pupil Talks' and loves Amara Maharshi's wisdom. My uncles are trying to renovate an old temple of the village deity. I see the Rishis' guidance behind these happenings.

Arunkumar Telapolu , July 2020

I faced a significant roadblock in the last couple of months. The task at hand seemed extremely simple and straightforward; however after the first two attempts failed, the third and final attempt was the only chance at salvaging the situation. I did whatever was required and requested for Guruji's intervention. They say faith can move mountains. In my case, a miracle happened and the roadblock was removed. I feel truly blessed.

Vinamra Longani , July 2020

I continue to experience a constant inner happiness and feel at peace always. Guruji and Light continue to be my permanent companions. I always turn to Light and Guruji and I know that I am never alone. During the covid-19 lockdown, I am happy to be in my own company. I would have previously wanted to seek external interaction, but I now have amazingly found solace in the company of Light.

Anne Chapman , July 2020

I have become more sensitive now and can sense the other person's pain, whether physical or emotional. I feel connected to that person and I feel something in my heart.

Jaspreet Kaur , Mar 2020

Many times when I practise Yogasanas, I feel weak and at that time I pray to Light to provide me with supplemental energy and Light obliges! What amuses me is that it is just a simple prayer, there's no intensity in it and yet Light obliges!

Whenever I receive help from anyone I feel grateful; now the depth in the feeling of gratitude has become deeper.

Nikhil Gandhi , Mar 2020

In the Cellular Healing course, I first practised Light channelling, Saptarshi Pranayama and then the course practice which I have been doing since 20 years. To my surprise, within a week my pancreas started working and my insulin injection was stopped. Now I am only on tablets. I was on insulin for nearly fifteen years. I am very happy for this change and would like to give credit to Manasa Foundation for teaching me Light Channelling and Saptarshi Pranayama.

Nasreen Begum , Mar 2020

I have observed that I am calm under all situations and I am thankful to God for showering His grace on me during such times. I have observed that I am more helpful and "giving"; I have been thinking less about myself and concerned more about people around me.

Prashanth C , Mar 2020

Daily Meditations have given me good mental health. I always have the awareness of the Divine. I have become more courageous and also positive by the Grace of Guruji.

Kalavathi Ravikumar , Mar 2020

A few weeks ago, one day very early in the morning, I got a call from a person very close to me. She was unwell and had severe stomach ache and diarrhoea. She had no medicine at home and was not in a position to go out to buy medicines. She was crying and felt utterly helpless. She was unable to speak and began conversing with me through text messages. I too felt helpless and began praying to Guruji and Light. I realized later that I unconsciously began sending Love and healing energies to her. And then, all of a sudden, her messages stopped coming. I was worried and anxious. After anxiously waiting for three long hours, finally I received her message. While conversing with me, she had fallen asleep! There was no pain and the diarrhoea had stopped! I thanked Guruji, Light and Santoshi Devi for their help. They always help.

A Sadak , Feb 2020

I had a terrible conflict with a relative. But surprisingly, I did not react in the way I used to - I could sense and be aware of the negative emotions and could fight them. I prayed hard that I shouldn't hurt the person and realized that the whole situation was about me and my growth. The physical weight that was weighing on me just disappeared when I made the choice to forgive! I was able to practise experiencing Oneness and sending Love to the person too! I am so grateful for the Sunday lecture videos - they give so much of wisdom and help at all times! And truly, each technique really helps!

Maitreyi Sasank , Feb 2020

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