Program at Taponagara - September 2021

Currently all programs are conducted virtually only through webcast and there are no physical gatherings at Taponagara as of now.
Sundays Lectures from 11AM to 12 Noon
Light Channelling from 12 PM to 1 PM
12th Shambala Group meeting at 2PM through webcast
19th Ra Group meeting at 2PM through webcast

Meditation on Special Days - September 2021

05 Sun Masa Shivaratri
07 Tue New Moon Day
09 Thu Worship of Gowri Devi
10 Fri Worship of Lord Ganesha
14 Tue Shukla Ashtami
16 Thu Shukla Dashami
19 Sun Worship of Ananta Padmanabha
20 Mon Full Moon Day
29 Wed Krishna Ashtami

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Events - September 2021

In compliance with the Government Directive, to cancel all public gatherings to stop the pandemic, the Light Channelling Meetings in all our centres stand cancelled until further notice.

However, those who are interested to take up Light Channelling may receive guidance either through post or e-mail ( or phone (9900075280).

Regular Light Channelling Meetings at the following centers:


    • Everyday 7PM - 7.15PM
      Venue: Sri Sidashrama, 17th cross, Malleshwarm. Contact No: 9480121545 Mr K Chanderseker
    • Mondays 6:30 PM to 7 PM
      Venue: Anjaneya Temple, Mahalakshmi Layout. Contact No.: 9972111809 Mrs. Anjali Patil K
    • Wednesdays 6:30 PM to 7 PM
      Venue: Maruti Mandira, Vijaynagar. Contact No.: 9972111809 Mrs. Anjali Patil K
    • Fridays 6.30PM to 7PM.
      Venue: No. 39, First Floor, 6th Cross, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560041. Contact No: 7022621407 Mr. Ramesh V Bosekar
    • Fridays at 12Noon.
      Venue: Siddhi Vinayaka Devastana, 59/1, Hutchins Road, 3rd Cross, Cooke Town
      Contact No: 9980205803 Mrs. Nirmala Bala
    • Sundays at 10.00AM to 10.30AM
      Venue: 481, SAIPREM, 19th street, 4th sector, K K Nagar. Contact nos.: 94448 80409 Rajalakshmi R


    • Saturdays at 7PM to 7.30PM
      Venue: 3-B, Kapila Housing Society, Gokhalenagar, Near Saibaba temple. Contact No: 9011038169 Mr. Ashutosh Navangul V


    • Mondays and Thursdays at 7PM - 7.15PM
      Venue: Bal Ganesh Mandir, Bushar Peth, Mohol. Contact No: 9860967066 Mr Vivekananda Swami, 9970800279 Mrs Swaroopa Swami