From an infinite ocean of Light emerged an ocean of Consciousness. Out of Consciousness, three huge fields of energies emerged: the energy field of Creation, the energy field of Life and the energy field of Destruction.

Each field had a core, a personality, a God. The three Gods in turn created worlds, deities and persons to carry on their activities.

The Creator God, further extended his field and created galaxies, suns and earths. He created Life on the earths.

This is the shortest story of Creation which happened billions and billions of years ago.

We The Souls

We are from the ocean of Light, the Souls. We were with the Light as particles of Light.

We came down to earths to experience the diversity and beauty of the Creation. We came down to this earth two billion years ago.

After experiencing we could not go back because we gathered certain effects called Karmas. To clear the Karmas, our Guides, the Hierarchy or the Sapta Rishis, the seven Light Masters, taught us Meditation.

Many Souls cleared the Karmas, became free (liberated) and went back to Light. Many could not clear and are struggling here.


The human bodies we occupied had a life-time after which they perished. When we could not clear our Karmas in one life-time, we took birth again to clear them. We re-incarnated again and again.

Every time, our eternal Spiritual Guides, the Rishis guided us directly and also indirectly through their channels, the human gurus.

Each birth is an opportunity to clear and return.

Even now, they are helping us.

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