Saptarshi Dhyana Yoga

is a unique way of Meditations and positivising emotions and thoughts taught by the Rishis for proper living of both the Spiritual and Material Lives.

The Affirmations

  • We are particles of One Great Light (God)
  • Love is our nature
  • Silence is our language
  • Meditation is our way
  • This world is our sanctuary
  • The entire Creation is our family
  • God is our Guru; Rishis are our Guides

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We are called "Manasa Light Age Foundation (R)".

Manasa Light Age Foundation is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious charitable Trust.


Our main activities are

  • Teaching and training in Meditation as taught by the Rishis or the Light Masters.
  • Studying the Spiritual Realities mainly using the intuitive faculties as done by the Rishis in earlier times.
  • Spreading the Light Channels World Movement, helping everyone entering the Light Age.

Other activities include

  • Publishing Books and the Newsletter to disseminate the Spiritual Knowledge channelled by the Light Masters
  • Helping the village children here in their school studies, moral discipline and cultural development under a special project called the "Jyoti Project".