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Experiencing Samadhi

Importance of Meditation


Knowledge Series

By Guruji Krishnananda

What is Meditation?

Meditation is widely practised all over the world. The original Sanskrit word for Meditation - Dhyana - was coined by the Rishis (Light Masters) thousands of years ago.Our Soul is ensconced within five Koshas (sheaths). They are the Spiritual body or Anandamaya Kosha, the Intellect body or Vignanama

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a gift from the Rishis. Meditation takes one from the human to the Divine. In worship, there is separation between the worshipper & the worshipped. When we experience God in Meditation there is no separation. The purpose of Meditation is to go beyond Mantras and meditational techni

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Obstacles in Meditation

There are many obstacles, naturally, because both motion and non-motion are the active forces in Nature. If a movement is made, another force tries to prevent it. If progress is made, another force obstructs it. If we are determined to move ahead, we have to exert more. Before that, we have to ident

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Meditation & Mantra

Sadhana is done at several levels - physical, mental, intellectual and Spiritual. We do Sadhana at the physical level by Asanas, physical culture, etc., and gain purity at the physical level. The practice of Pranayama builds up stamina in us. The Sadhana at the mental level is by Japa, repeating Shl

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