Ashadha Masa (14th July to 11th August)

During Ashadha Masa, which begins on 14th July, we get wonderful and great energies directly from Parabrahma Loka. We can meditate more during this entire month and absorb these energies. They peak on Guru Poornima, the Full Moon day, which falls on 27-7-2018. On that day meditate as much as possible, and in the night before going to bed, imagine Light entering from above and filling up your system completely. Practise this for 7 minutes. The whole night, we will be receiving the energies.


On 11th August there is Solar Eclipse from 1:32PM - 5PM. Please channel Light to the whole world during the entire eclipse period.

Live Webcast

Live webcast of Sunday lectures is available for our Meditators. Please contact Manasa office through email ( for details.


Books can be ordered online or by DD in favour of Manasa Light Age Foundation.

News & Notes

  • Maharshi Amara's Mahasamadhi Day will be observed in Taponagara on 26th August. Please register at Manasa office by 24th August if you wish to participate in the program.
  • Meditator Residents of Taponagara gathered in the Meditation hall and channelled the eclipse energies during the Solar Eclipse on 13th July and the Lunar Eclipse on 27th July.
  • Meditators gathered in the Meditation hall on 27th July to celebrate Guru Poornima and channelled energies of Parabrahma to the entire world.
  • Shambala Group members gathered on 8th July in the Meditation hall at Taponagara to receive special energies from Shambala.
  • RA group members gathered in the Meditation hall on 15th July to receive special energies from RA.
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