Navaratri Technique

During Navaratri, which begins on 29th September, we will be blessed with the presence of Adi Shakti. We can meditate more and receive more of Her energies. We can also be aware of Her presence. For 10 days starting from Navaratri, we can meditate with this special technique - Think of a huge globe of blue Light. Enter the globe. Experience this globe of Light, experience the energies of Adi Shakti. There is no Mantra to be repeated. This technique can be practised in place of daily Stage Meditations.

Live Webcast

Live webcast of Sunday lectures is available for our Meditators. Please contact Manasa office through email ( for details.


Books can be ordered online or by DD in favour of Manasa Light Age Foundation.

News & Notes

  • About 75 students along with some of their teachers from a nearby Engineering college visited Taponagara to learn about Meditations. They gathered in the Meditation hall and participated in a special Light Channelling session conducted by our Volunteers.
  • Meditators of the Shambala group gathered in the Meditation hall on 8th September to receive initiations from the Shambala Masters. Many others joined through live webcast and many mindlinked and meditated to receive initiations from the Shambala Masters.
  • Meditators of the RA group gathered on 15th September in the Meditation hall at Taponagara to receive special energies of RA.
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