On 1st March, Thursday at the time of moonrise, imagine a Homa Kunda in front of you. Invoke Agni Deva by saying the Mantra ‘Om Agni Devaya Namaha’ once and imagine fire in the Homa Kunda. Imagine the Arishadvargas – Kama (excessive desire), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (attachment), Mada (arrogance), Matsarya (jealousy). Imagine Kama coming out from you as a smoky or dark ball for one or two minutes, collect it in the hands and put the ball in fire. It burns completely. Repeat the same for other five. Thank Agni Deva. Afterwards, you can experience the Light in you for some time.

Live Webcast

Live webcast of Sunday lectures is available for our Meditators. Please contact Manasa office through email (info@lightagemasters.com) for details.


Books can be ordered online or by DD in favour of Manasa Light Age Foundation.

News & Notes

  • Around 180 people participated in the Amara Jayanti celebrations in Taponagara on February 4, 2018.
  • Around 60 people had gathered to celebrate Amara Jayanti in our Sapta Rishi Dhyana Kendra at Anekal on February 1, 2018.
  • On February 1, 2018, The World Channels Day, close to 150 volunteers worked with great enthusiasm and conducted several Light Channelling sessions in different schools. More than a million children and teachers in about 2400 schools channelled Light silently on this day to bring more Peace on our Earth.
  • On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, Meditators gathered in the Meditation hall at Taponagara to meditate specially and to worship Lord Shiva.
  • Orientation class will be held in Taponagara on Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 from 11AM to 1PM. External Guidance students who have access to the webcast can also join through live webcast. Those who wish to participate may please contact Manasa office and register by 30th April 2018.
  • All our students must have the Newsletter. The renewal of the Newsletter should be made soon after the reminder is received.
  • Renewal of subscription for External guidance and Newsletters should be made soon after the intimation is received. This avoids the discrepancy in receiving the Newsletters.