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Books can be ordered directly from Manasa office by sending a DD in favour of "Manasa Light Age Foundation (R)". Books will be sent by post.

Postal Address:
Manasa Light Age Foundation (R)
Off Hennur Bagalur Road
Bangalore Urban - 560 077

Phone Nos:
+91 80 2846 5280
+91 99000 75280
(10AM to 4PM)

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Practising Shambala Principles (eBook)

Practising Shambala Principles
This book contains a brief introduction to Shambala, the City of Light where only the most advanced beings and Rishis live and the Seven Principles followed by the Shambalites to remain in a perfect and Divine state.

The book explains the techniques and the benefits of practising them. These principles and techniques are very simple and can be followed by anyone, including non-meditators. Practising just the first principle regularly will help us sail through the upheavals and prepare us for the New Age.

Author: Krishnananda
Price: Rs.25/-
Year : May 2006
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