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  (Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Discipline is, first respecting and then following the guidelines or the instructions or certain principles. And again it is not merely or mechanically following like a forced ritual. Discipline is not that which we follow by force. It's a kind of a way, it's a way. There should be willingness, complete willingness and love behind it. If you can follow discipline in this way that is the best way. And if we follow it (in a way) when we don't have a choice, out of fear or out of a kind of compulsion, it is definitely not good. Anyway, I say it is not very bad compared to not following at all; this is better, at least we follow out of fear.

This is true in case of Meditations also. We must love to meditate. Not because someone else compels us to do it. We meditate very regularly when we have problems; to get out of the problems. Once the problem is eased out we know what happens. Then we have a thousand reasons not to meditate.

Discipline is not a one-time practice. Today we follow it, tomorrow we don't follow it. No. Discipline is a way of living. We have to live it every day.


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