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  (Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

When we experience the Light, it is as if we have gone back to our home where we are completely at peace. There is Bliss. We require nothing more when we are here, when we are experiencing this Light. We feel we are whole, complete. We require nothing. We can say we are perfect. At that moment we feel the perfection. Of course there will be absolutely no negativity, no negative thought, I should say no thought at all. There is this feeling of security. There is so much of Stillness here. You have to be aware of it. This Stillness is the Stillness of the core.

Think of a huge storm. We know that at the center it is very still. It is at the periphery that there is a lot of turmoil. Similarly whenever we experience Light we are in the core. All other things of the world, of life etc., are at the periphery, at a distance. This experience is a kind of wholesome experience. I wish you practise this more whenever you have time. You can practise this while travelling or any time convenient to you.


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