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Experiences shared by Meditators


I feel a lot of Love for everyone, and generally talk lovingly with all the people, birds and animals I encounter. The birds that come to my balcony have been particularly responsive, and sometimes a crow or two come to greet me and wait for me to step out and say “Hi!” I feel I am bursting with Love when I do this, and I feel they can feel it too!

Vidya Virkar , Nov 2019

I was finding it difficult to deal with certain insecurities. The difficult part was the emotional ordeal. I started following the techniques given in the “Orientation class”. I started practising one technique daily and no sooner than I thought, I was out of this situation! The insecurities were there but the pain wasn’t there! This is one of the greatest miracles in my life!

This is a complete Path. The tools of transformation and salvation are given to us in advance. It took me years to realize that practicing techniques given in the Orientation class could have such wonderful impact on our lives. It’s hard to believe that despite so many difficulties, I can easily find beauty in life! Words are inadequate to express my gratitude. I am eternally grateful to Guruji, Rishis and God for being there for me and guiding me.

Nikhil Gandhi , Nov 2019

I feel calm and so much at peace. I go into Samadhi and lose track of time and technique. I am not able to argue with people, instead I just feel sorry for them. I am now more aware of my mistakes and therefore more conscious of never to repeat them. My Meditations become much more regular during work holidays.

Pratibha Patel , Nov 2019

Recently, I was handling a suicide case of a close relative. The elderly relatives of the deceased were senior citizens with multiple health issues and were stuck with the lengthy police interrogation. I prayed to the Masters and requested for help and channelled Light as the situation was going out of control. I felt a subtle guidance from within prompting me to take swift and right actions. Very soon, a policeman in plain clothes approached me, gave us a patient listening and helped us to come out of the difficult situation!

While coming to Taponagara on 15-8-2019, I observed utter chaos at all the counters of Air India, with long queues. I started channelling Light with a prayer that I must not lose the opportunity to visit Taponagara and meditate there. To my utter surprise, the airline attendant gave me the boarding pass first, despite many requests from other passengers!

Rajendra Rangnekar , Nov 2019

Effect of things on me is much lesser. There is some unknown knowing which says, "Now Light will take care, just surrender to it. You are not alone."

Deepa , Nov 2019

A big change in me is that I am grateful for every moment I am alive, and I have accepted to let nature take its course with everything - people, situations and whatever takes place outside. Inside, I can feel a kind of stillness, a kind of detachment, a feeling which is very difficult to put in words. I am ever so grateful to the Rishis, Amaraji and Guruji for always guiding me, and protecting me whenever needed. These days, thank you is all I can say to them.

Nandita Patel , Nov 2019